Radixx International: Revolutionizing Airline Hosting and Distribution Processes

Ronald J. Peri, Chairman & CEO
In this era of digitization where everything is available online, airlines have seen their businesses commoditized. As a result, airlines cannot consistently deliver profits by only selling fares. Most airlines are therefore reengineering themselves as eCommerce businesses profits from selling ancillaries in addition to their fares. Such retail style airlines require a new type of airline reservations system. Radixx has created just such a system, designed to sell almost anything through any distribution channel.

Since its inception, the Orlando, FL based company has been providing airlines with a complete system to manage all their sales and distribution activities regardless of an airline’s business model, whether a Low Cost Carrier selling directly to consumers, a traditional airline with interlines selling via the traditional travel agency channel or a hybrid selling through all channels. Radixx employs a distinct bifurcated hosting strategy—all critical applications and client databases are stored in an IBM Z series supercomputer and front-end applications are hosted in IBM’s SoftLayer cloud. This integrated structure of mainframe and cloud provides elastic scalability that is not feasible in X86 data centers. It is also more reliable and secure. “With IBM’s support of Linux on the Z, the mainframe emulates an entire datacenter with advanced capabilities,” explains Ronald J. Peri, Chairman and CEO, Radixx International.

The company’s solution, Radixx Air Passenger Services System (PSS) provides everything needed for an airline’s sales and distribution. It is designed as a retail merchandizing system for airlines and has been implemented at over forty airlines worldwide. The system is unique in its ability to sell directly using a ticketless approach, while simultaneously distributing using eTickets with Interlines and code shares. This helps airline businesses to eliminate legacy system costs by expanding distribution and ancillary sales directly via internet to consumers, while still maintaining all the advantages of traditional travel agency distribution. In addition, Radixx improves accounting, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), departure control, data analytics and other processes.

Radixx has been designed as an Enterprise Resource Planning merchandizing system for airlines using an Oracle RDBMS to enable sales, via any direct or indirect channel, using any form of payment, for any business model carrier

“Radixx has been designed as an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system using an Oracle RDBMS to enable sales, via any direct or indirect channel, using any form of payment,” affirms Peri. Radixx’ ERP design assures everything is stored in a single database providing real-time data, unlike traditional systems which offer multiple batch connected data stores and lack a single view of the data for real-time operations and analysis.

Radixx has helped a wide array of companies in efficiently managing airline hosting and distribution processes. For instance, Air Iceland, a domestic carrier in Iceland, ran at a loss for forty years prior to switching to Radixx. After working jointly with Air Iceland’s former president, Jon Karl Olafsson, Radixx implemented their PSS system that enabled them to change Air Iceland’s business model. Consequently, they were profitable within a few months and have remained so ever since.

Radixx is enjoying its role as a top tier provider of airline PSS to airlines in the developing world and has now set its site on developed world carriers. In addition, the company plans to inaugurate its new Galaxy product—a multi-lingual call center system using HTML5 and C#—later this year. Galaxy will enable agents to handle any type of transaction in their native language with minimal training and is capable of running natively on MACs, iPads, Androids and PCs.

Radixx International

Orlando, FL

Ronald J. Peri, Chairman & CEO

Provider of Passenger Services Systems (PSS) that combines power and scalability to deliver flexible and low-cost technology for airlines to manage their distribution activities.