RafterOne: Empowering Multi-Cloud Commerce on Salesforce

Erik Dodier, Co-founder and CEO
Digital transformation brought numerous innovations in 2022. As businesses continue to explore the possibilities of integrating cutting-edge technology into their organizations, they hope to drive revenue growth through connected online experiences and automated integration that ensures agile operations. Helping these organizations in Manufacturing, High Tech and Retail achieve these results is the focus of RafterOne.

RafterOne, launched as a new kind of Salesforce integration company last year when they combined the decades of cloud experiences from PixelMEDIA, Docmation, and GearsCRM to create a company built to focus on multi-cloud commerce on Salesforce. The Salesforce Integrator holds an Expert Level standing with Salesforce as a Summit partner. In addition to their Salesforce Certifications for implementations, their offering of full end-to-end managed services solutions, and commerce specific accelerators, make them a strong strategic partner in Retail, Manufacturing, and High-tech.

“RafterOne brings together the expertise of three seasoned Salesforce partners to fill a growing need in organizations seeking to reduce costs and create efficiency using the Salesforce platform.” says Erik Dodier, Co-founder, and CEO.

RafterOne empowers its clients for better implementation of end-to-end and multi-cloud commerce experiences that begin and end with the customer. With over 25 years of experience, the company fine-tunes the digital journey by building smarter solutions that increase brand loyalty and drive higher returns. The service provider acts as a bridge between brands, their consumers, and Salesforce, strengthening every touchpoint of the customer journey through complete multi-cloud solutions for B2B, B2C, and B2B2C commerce.

Before they came together, each company focused on providing different experiences—PixelMEDIA provided B2C commerce on Salesforce, Docmation drove connected online experiences for B2B commerce on Salesforce, while GearsCRM provided sales and service cloud on Salesforce.
RafterOne offers numerous customizations per client. In addition, companies often possess different systems on both their frontand back-end — typically needing some modification to integrate into Salesforce. Certified experts help identify the touchpoints where customer experiences can be enhanced, helping companies achieve their key performance indicators (KPI).

RafterOne’s innovative accelerators and full-service managed services offering make them a true stand-out in the Salesforce ecosystem. Like many SI partners, RafterOne thrives as an integrator and consultancy firm. What sets RafterOne apart is its investment in digital advisory through productized solutions and pre-built IP built around their clients. They believe in the power of the Salesforce platform and are introducing continuous innovation to the market for end-to-end multi-cloud commerce. This allows their customers to get faster time-to-market, create better experiences, and maximize their overall Salesforce investment.

We combine expertise from ecommerce and sales to operations and manufacturing, empowering our clients to be better customers to their customers, increasing brand loyalty and driving higher returns by building smarter and more creative end-to-end digital experiences

A few of RafterOne’s innovations to reduce time-to-value for clients include Subscription Accelerator for B2B Commerce, SpareParts Accelerator for easy aftermarket commerce, and Quick Starts for Salesforce Order Management and Storefront Reference Architecture. Their full-service managed services offering enhances cross-cloud adoption and optimization across an organization.

RafterOne is redefining conventional customer experience methodologies through a digitalized, cloud-based avenue to increase savings and productivity while reducing go-to-market times for companies and their end users. The multi-cloud service provider aims to continue adding business value through hassle-free, seamless, and secure business transactions.


Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Erik Dodier, Co-founder and CEO

RafterOne is a team of solution builders focused on constructing end-to-end, multi-cloud, and commerce experiences for the Salesforce Platform. As a global leader in cross-cloud solutions, our goal is to help you optimize every touchpoint in the customer journey, while providing the structure, tools, and support you deserve