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Robert J. Schena, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder
The events that transpired on September 11, 2001, are considered the most significant act of terrorism against the US. With nearly 3,000 deaths, over 25,000 casualties, and 10 billion dollars in property damage, the country had never experienced such targeted violence before. Alongside political and economic challenges the country faced after the attack, many telecommunications, and IT professionals observed several networking gaps, and a demand for improved mobile and wireless communication systems emerged. Among these technologists seeking to bolster wireless connectivity, Robert Schena and Paul Hellhake were two extremely motivated gentlemen who continued to pursue innovation in the field. The duo founded their company, Rajant Corporation, only a month after the unfortunate incident to develop and deliver communication solutions to support first responders and other government personnel in all their networking activities.

Since then, Rajant has come a long way, strengthening its computer networking capabilities and providing organizations with cutting-edge mesh network technology to drive results during mission-critical moments. However, the company’s foray into the mining space was rather unexpected and coincidental, according to Schena. “Our participation in mining was a wonderful accident,” he says. Rajant’s wireless broadband solutions were designed to be easy to set up and use for first responders. This feature proved to be extremely resourceful for architecting communication channels across a mining project. Leveraging its proprietary BreadCrumb wireless nodes, the company establishes Kinetic Mesh for industrial wireless infrastructure that spans the entire mining site. Hundreds of these nodes can be installed and linked expeditiously, and their self-configuring capabilities empower miners with a high bandwidth industrial Wi-Fi network. Moreover, such a product eliminates the industry-wide challenge of inconsistent connectivity while also improving GPS systems’ precision in vehicles.
The company’s Kinetic Mesh further provides clients with the ability to implement self-managing and self-optimizing networks by employing its patented peer-to-peer InstaMesh protocol software. Rajant ensured to take all the necessary steps for uninterrupted connectivity while designing the InstaMesh offering. The technology continually optimizes the performance of every device in accordance with any changes in the network without disconnecting at handoff. It also responds almost in near real-time to network topology changes, delivering comprehensive fault tolerance, high throughput, and low latency. The independence that each node in the Kinetic Mesh enjoys grants the devices self-healing and rapid packet-by-packet decision-making capabilities completely avoiding the ill-effects of a single point of failure.

And, as the world moves toward automation, Rajant is steadily keeping pace with AI-powered networking competencies. “Our automation technologies and applications allow network operators to have full, three-dimensional control over aerial, terrestrial, and underground machinery and equipment,” adds Schena. To best elaborate on this matter, Rajant’s recent collaboration with Hitachi to deploy an autonomous hauling system in an Australian coal mine showcases the company’s resourcefulness perfectly. The goal of the project was to create a network of fully-connected, automated mining vehicles. “Our wireless network deployed across a vast number of mobile and fixed infrastructure easily met the requirements to support and enable Hitachi’s autonomous operations,” adds Schena. What further aided the project’s success was Rajant’s ability to retrofit Hitachi systems onto existing vehicles, which expanded their scope and market significantly.

With such intuitive products and technologies to offer, the company stands ahead of the curve in today’s mining industry. Moving forward, Rajant intends to continue expanding its radio and other wireless technology’s capabilities with extensive R&D and drive maximum data throughput from its devices. The company’s highly complex yet elegant mesh networking solutions are paving the way for the most robust and uninterrupted wireless connectivity for mining the world has seen thus far.

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Rajant Corporation

Malvern, PA

Robert J. Schena, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder and Paul Hellhake, President, CTO & Co-founder

Rajant Corporation is the exclusive provider of private wireless networks powered by the patented Kinetic Mesh network, BreadCrumb wireless nodes, and InstaMesh networking software. With Rajant, customers can rapidly deploy a highly adaptable and scalable network that leverages the power of real-time data to deliver on-demand, mission-critical business intelligence. A low-latency, high-throughput, and secure solution for a variety of data, voice, video, and autonomous applications, Rajant’s Kinetic Mesh networks provide industrial customers with full mobility, allowing them to take their private network applications and data anywhere

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