Rakuten Aquafadas: Reimagining Enterprise Apps

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Olivier Alluis, CEO
Rakuten Aquafadas is a part of the Rakuten Group ecosystem. The company specializes in helping business succeed in their digital transformation and digital publishing challenges. The suite of tools that Rakuten Aquafadas has created allows enterprise companies to publish high-quality digital content for mobile consumption. From no-code mobile apps platform, cloud authoring tools to digital publishing software, Rakuten Aquafadas facilitates clients with an unmatched ecosystem to power their digital needs and connect with their mobile-first audiences. “Our company has been in the digital publishing space for about a decade now, and we have built tools that allow our customers to generate interactive digital content,” says Olivier Alluis, CEO of Rakuten Aquafadas. “One of the unique things that we offer is the ability to create, manage, and publish content through applications without the need for coding skills. So our clients can quickly create their own applications for internal use or for their own customers, which saves them money and resources while providing them with more control.”

One of the biggest challenges enterprise companies face is integrating a large number of documents into new digital environments. Customers increasingly expect companies to deliver their information digitally. Evidently, much of the work lands squarely in the laps of companies, propelling them to adapt to meet that demand. Rakuten Aquafadas offers an automation tool which can handle thousands of documents, generating high quality renders, which can then be easily viewed via smartphones or tablets.

Rakuten Aquafadas harnesses its decade-long expertise in digital magazine publishing and digital publishing software development to help enterprise companies deliver enhanced user experience. User experience isn’t just an issue that companies face externally with their own customers, it can also be an internal issue that limits employee efficiency and productivity. For instance, sales teams often want to move their internal communications to digital but are obstructed by the poor quality of digital user experience. Rakuten Aquafadas’ automation and mobile-first sales enablement tools allow sales teams to digitize their internal communications and internal workflows, thereby aligning their sales and marketing teams to sell more.

One of the unique things that we offer is the ability to create, manage, and publish content through applications without the need for coding skills

The company also helps its clients to significantly reduce the cost of creating and managing applications. Using the Rakuten Aquafadas application design suite does not require any coding knowledge, so sales and design teams can create applications themselves without the help of an IT department or contractors. The clients are able to build their own applications in less than three weeks.
Rakuten Aquafadas’ prowess in the enterprise content management space is exemplified by its work with PwC. PwC is one of the world’s largest accounting firms, and it required an interactive tool for its sales consultants and senior clients from around the globe to provide ‘quality meeting experience’. Rakuten Aquafadas created an interactive client relations app called the PwC Store. The app allows for the centralization of commercial presentations, which are easily updated and shareable. Operational teams can view changes in real time. The result is a higher level of personalization for PwC and their clients.

Aquafadas was recently acquired by Rakuten, and integrated with the company to become Rakuten Aquafadas in 2017. The acquisition opens up new opportunities for Rakuten Aquafadas and its clients. The company is already incorporating Rakuten services such as loyalty programs, video on demand, digital books, ecommerce services, and payment services. Rakuten Aquafadas remains committed to providing the best publishing suite on the market, and it has consistently developed new technologies and won over clients. Moving forward, Rakuten Aquafadas will continue to look at new and unique opportunities to expand its software and design capabilities.

Rakuten Aquafadas

Olivier Alluis, CEO

The company provides corporate across the world with powerful digital content publishing platforms enabling them to create and distribute rich, interactive digital content on any device. The tools are aimed at various businesses from media, corporations to book publishers. The company clients include world-leading business giants. The offices are located in both Paris and Montpellier, but the company partners and collaborators are from all over the world. Being part of the global internet services company Rakuten enables to innovate and provide the clients with genuinely cutting edge and localized services