Ramco Systems: Providing End-To-End Enterprise Solutions To Transform Businesses

CIO VendorVirender Agarwal, CEO Virender Aggarwal, CEO of Ramco Systems has been driving the company’s mission to be a world-class provider of adaptive enterprise solutions in the global market. The aim of the company is to create and provide "Next Generation Enterprise Solutions" that enhance the competitive capabilities and value proposition of its customers by leveraging new technologies and expanding global connectivity. Founded in Chennai, the company now has 21 offices spread across India, Asia Pacific, Australia, U.S., Canada, Europe, Middle East and Africa. It has more than 150,000 users, 1000+ customers since inception and 1500+ number of employees.

The company believes that “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. Whether it is an object or technology, the simpler it is, the more it appeals to the human senses, and the better are its chances of being liked and adopted by users. The company also believes in the power of striving tirelessly to innovate and build technologically advanced solutions that solve its customers’ business problems in the most agile and simplest of ways.

“Most companies today face a mix of challenges, be it the competitive business environment, or
the flexibility/scalability to adapt to market changes or the cost attached to legacy applications. With businesses realizing that a cloud based ERP helps address these challenges, there has been a surge in demand for ERP on Cloud,” says Aggarwal. “Ramco, in order to counter this problem, has built a cloud based ERP that is mobile, simple to use, socially connected, with an in-memory engine that multiplies the speed of processing that is intuitive in nature making the application context aware. It is this differentiator which the company calls MUSIC (Mobility, User Interface, Social, In-memory and Context-aware) that has truly caught the attention of prospects and customers,” he adds.

The underlying strategy behind all its offerings has been the focus on enhancing customer experience through MUSIC. For instance, the launch of WorkSpaces, a role based and user based interface, has eased the work of users allowing them to concentrate on the business while the technology is managed on its own. Adding to these initiatives, Ramco is also extending linguistic interfaces without tampering the core product, which will help customers use the same product across various geographies and yet provide local lingua for their users.

At Ramco, its cutting edge tools like Extension Development Kit (EDK) and Partner Development Kit (PDK) help address customization or personalization comprehensively. This is made further compelling since Ramco offers this on its cloud model, without affecting the core product. The company’s systems are well established on this front, such that its partner independently
customers using their offers such personalized solutions to their tools. In order to stand out amongst other organizations, Ramco focuses on three major product offerings on cloud– Ramco ERP on Cloud, Ramco Aviation and Ramco HCM. All three product suites have been growing its customer base, globally.

The recently launched Ramco HCM has been picking up traction fairly well with organizations looking for the complete HCM solution or specific modules such as – recruitment, workforce management, talent management, payroll and benefits, workforce planning, and performance management. Also, the fact that the offering is now available on a public cloud on a subscription model, with the benefits of mobility and social integration has been adding to the momentum.

Some of the renowned and growing logos in their client list include PHI, Citibank, Columbia Helicopters, Henkel, RedTag, Hero, Air India, Avaya, Lubrizol, Schlumberger, Eurocopter, G4S, Standard Chartered and more.

The verticals that are growing rapidly for Ramco are aviation, followed by, the Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) and services sector. Manufacturing continues to remain active. With the launch of a comprehensive HR, talent management and payroll solution on the cloud, the company is confident of growing its market presence substantially. The demand for full-suite ERP from mid-market companies continues to flow with matured markets such as Americas and Australia registering new deals.


Chennai, India

Virender Agarwal, CEO

Creating "Next Generation Enterprise Solutions" that enhances competitive capabilities