Ramp: Managing Live and On-Demand Video and Audio Content in Office 365 and SharePoint

Tom Wilde, CEO
Business users are creating more video content now than ever before. However, users demand a simple, secure, and scalable way to make the content searchable and shareable within an organization. “With the release of Office 365 Video, Microsoft addressed only the most basic needs of a business culture that is increasingly dependent on video for communication and collaboration. At Ramp, our focus is on how to help CIOs enable this new pervasive video culture and provide their users with easy access to video, both live and on-demand,” says Tom Wilde, CEO, Ramp. Ramp is a Boston-based company that offers a next-generation media content platform that enables companies to manage video and audio content across a wide range of industries.

The Ramp Video Management and Ramp Video Live platforms provide organizations with full-featured live streaming and video content management capabilities. The platforms are seamlessly and natively integrated into the content management system—Microsoft SharePoint. Ramp’s native Share¬Point functionality offers a variety of video-related web parts, for video players, transcripts, and playlists. “We built Ramp Video Management for SharePoint so that it is seamless for SharePoint users and administrators; it is indistinguishable from native Share¬Point functionality,” says Wilde. Ramp Video Management allows the clients to upload videos, of any size, and automatically transcribes and tags video and audio content with keywords derived from the spoken word in their videos.

Also, “the Ramp Video Management platform delivers just-in-time video content to mobile users,” says Wilde. In one such instance, Ramp assisted one of its clients—a major pharmaceutical company—to deliver video content across its numerous field sales reps. The client implemented Ramp Video Management for SharePoint to deliver training and drug detailing videos to over 4,000 field sales reps, ensuring that they have the right information when they need it in the field.
Ramp Video Live is an add-on to the Ramp Video Management platform, enabling clients to broadcast live video right from their desktop to hundreds or thousands of their colleagues without any IT support. To render such efficiency, Ramp Video Live leverages SharePoint’s native security and all existing user/group permissions as well as native collaboration features like Active Directory, SharePoint Groups, and Yammer.“Enterprise organizations are embracing Ramp Video Live because of its self-service, enterprise-class characteristics,” says Wilde.

At Ramp, our focus is on how to help CIOs provide their users with easy access to video, both live and on-demand

With both Ramp Video Management and Ramp Video Live, the company sets itself apart from others through the rich time-coded transcript and tags that are automatically generated by Ramp’s patented speech-to-text engine. This makes the spoken word within each piece of video or audio content searchable, both as one is watching a particular video or searching of any other content within SharePoint’s native search feature. “Instead of opaque blobs of data, your videos now become rich documents that can be searched and shared,” says Wilde.

Moving forward, Ramp is launching its next big innovation, Ramp Multicast Engine (RME). It is the company’s patent-pending technology that will enable multicast streaming for HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) video. “Multicast remains the most efficient way to transfer live video data within the enterprise and RME provides flexible multicast support to any live video webcast that uses HLS,” says Wilde. RME will also address the widespread demand for a multicast video streaming solution that is compatible across all browsers, devices and platforms


Boston, MA

Tom Wilde, CEO

Provides a next-generation media content platform that enables companies to manage live and on-demand video and audio content across a wide range of industries