Jenö Herget, CEO
While planning a personalized learning lesson, a teacher turns to a smartphone application (APP) and asks, “Give me the status for Jimmy,” and the APP responds “Jimmy is not on track; current grades are below passing level; attendance is seventy percent.” This is how, Ask School Data (ASD), an education tech firm helps teachers and administrators monitor academic achievement, drive professional growth, and develop a cycle of patterns and feedback that deliver successful instructional results using the power of Artificial Intelligence. By providing teachers with quick and easy access to student information, ASD eliminates the daily frustration and wasted time that teachers encounter while searching for student data. “ASD is a virtual data coach providing teachers with simple access to status, actions, interventions, and goals for a student.” states Dr. Rich Contartesi, CEO, ASD.

According to Dr. Contartesi, teachers ask how they can spend more time on planning, teaching, and learning; and less time dealing with cumbersome technology and difficult processes to access student data. Current systems used for accessing student information, require the teacher to work with data files scattered across different instructional applications and eventually noting the results down on paper. ASD’s technology enables schools and educational institutions to access student information in one central location gathered from multiple applications and data sources. ASD automatically generates student reports based on available student data and is presented either by voice, app, or email on your mobile device. This allows the teacher to get instant and up-to-date access to the students’ statuses including attendance percentage, grades, extracurricular achievements, and performance to name a few.
Elaborating more about the current data reporting systems followed by many educational institutions and the time-consuming processes they go through, Dr. Contartesi explains that teachers sometimes approach school-based technology support personnel because they may not have the time or the skills to create meaningful reports from the data. Moreover, teachers are often required to use multiple instructional and assessment applications to evaluate student performance, which consumes a considerable amount of time. ASD’s unique features like real-time availability of data in a centralized location, minimal technical training, and the use of robust connectors for extracting data from multiple data sources make their solutions standout in the market.

ASD is teacher friendly. The simplicity of accessing, understanding, and using data instills teacher confidence and removes the fear and doubt usually associated with using student data to make instructional decisions. By using the technology offered by ASD, teachers can easily access and process student information, gaining clear visibility into a student’s progress. Using simple voice commands, ASD brings the essential information that teachers want and need, thus making the student information process seamless. “ASD’s user-friendly system doesn’t require complex technical training or the need for substitutes to cover a teacher’s class,” states Dr. Contartesi. The solution, which is designed after consultations with teachers, principals, coaches, and administrators, leverages powerful AI algorithms to identify specific data points and converts them into verbal responses quickly. Apart from generating voice responses, ASD’s AI-powered reporting technology can also produce detailed student reports either by text, app, or e-mail. Taking into account the rise in nefarious backdoor cyber-activities, ASD has implemented strict confidently and privacy standards to ensure the secure protection of student data.

Along its journey of continued efforts to invest in AI and machine learning technologies to create a system that can solve complex problems in the education sector, ASD is moving ahead with the singular aim of making the process of data-driven teaching and learning more efficient, effective, and economical.


Houston, TX

Jenö Herget, CEO

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