Rapidi: Data Integration Made Easy

Henning Lund, CEO
Data integration has become more important than ever, moving to the front line, to allow applications to talk to each other and enable seamless flow of data in the business. “Data is an integral part of the business process. One cannot run a company efficiently without controlling the data,” begins Henning Lund, CEO of Rapidi. While data integration has acquired a commonplace in businesses, it continues to grow in complexity, adding to the skepticism toward its adoption. Governed by the mission to make the complex discipline of data integration easier and robust, Rapidi brings in best-in-class online data integration platform and services for companies. According to Lund—an expert with 25 years of experience in strategically propelling businesses forward—Rapidi was founded with a singular aim to help businesses maximize the data sharing and synchronization capabilities of their IT systems, thereby enhancing the efficiency across the organization. As he puts it, “As the go-to data integration experts, we are opening up a completely new era of how to do data integration.”

To begin with, Lund underscores the need for a 360-degree customer view—from order and account history to relationship back-story and client business changes—that can be met with efficient collaboration among the systems. Integrating Salesforce with almost any ERP, Rapidi’s data integration platform, RapidiOnline, utilizes a series of pre-configured templates to facilitate the integration of two or more systems in a robust environment. Besides having a holistic view of what’s happening in their systems, customers can leverage a data mapping tool and a schedule tool to define ‘who, what, and how’ in the data synchronization process, making the whole setup more robust. The entire process brings all the systems in sync and finally converts the data into consistent information. Interestingly, as revealed by Lund, RapidiOnline is being increasingly adopted by clients because of its safer, seamless integration process along with its cost-efficient setup and fast implementation.

With data consistency and security forming the core of Rapidi’s offerings, the firm’s Rapidi Connector, a highly optimized and intelligent component, allows users to connect all data systems to the cloud in a secure manner while also improving consistency in data quality.

We strive to introduce the simpler side of data integration and help businesses grow

Moreover, the RapidiOnline tech service accumulates all information and notifies the users about how to use the system.

Rapidi takes a no-programming approach, which eliminates the need to change any code or program before beginning integration projects. The team is working on its API functionality in order to facilitate control over RapidiOnline from a remote setup; this will allow users to start or stop service functions without having to log onto RapidiOnline. For data exchange, the company’s Rapidi Replicator, backed by a cloud-hosted data replication technology, offers on-demand SaaS data replication solutions that synchronize across multiple Microsoft databases. In a nutshell, in-house and remote teams can access their customer data, which is synchronized, secured, consistent, and up-to-date even through periods of downtime, thus improving their performance and customer service.

Rapidi specializes in automated ERP integration with the aid of API functionality, empowering clients to have a better control of business procedures, and ensuring that lead generations are successfully converted into an order. “We offer online integrations where we not only deliver integrations platform but also all the IT needed to carry out the actual integration and simplify the pre-built and integrated processes,” adds Lund.

With a growing presence in the US, Europe, and Asia, Rapidi is well aware of the fact that companies are looking for not only a generic data integration platform but also for data integration providers who understand the business functionality to the core. “With the RapidiOnline technology, we have automated the data flow in the quote to cash process; we strive to introduce the simpler side of data integration and help businesses grow,” concludes Lund.


San Francisco, CA

Henning Lund, CEO

Rapidi has been helping businesses with complex data integration through simple approaches since the early 1990s. The company is committed to assisting businesses to maximize the utilization of data and help them solve the problem of data transfer using their dedicated data integration tool. Rapidi’s data integration solution offerings range from data replication, standard data integration to flexible data integration. Rapidi exists to help businesses maximize the data sharing and synchronization capabilities of their IT systems, improving performance across every department. Rapidi has led to numerous innovations in the data integration industry to make data integration easier and faster. The company is equally focused on providing an outstanding experience for the customers