Raritan: Leverage Advanced DCIM for the Optimal Efficiency

CIO VendorChing-I Hsu, Chairman & CEO
In what has led to Raritan’s success in the data center community, the answer lies in the fact of being intelligent enough to evolve according to the changing dynamics of data centers. Today, data centers handle broader issues like power analytics, energy needs, and environment concerns as well. By emphasizing on these advanced issues, Raritan has gained prominence in the market, offering data center solutions.
Founded in 1985, Raritan is a provider of Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software that helps IT professionals to tackle present day’s complex system administration challenges. The obstacles range from having the availability of resilient real-time monitoring and efficient workflow to capacity planning and handling interfaces. “Our solutions deliver comprehensible results by bringing together the information from formerly separate tools. It makes our software proficient in decreasing the operational costs, facilitates planning process, optimizes performance, and improves overall throughput,” opens Ching-I Hsu, CEO, Raritan.

Headquartered in Somerset, NJ Raritan’s full-featured offerings include DCIM Monitoring software, and Power IQ that enables data center managers to thoughtfully manage their existing data center power infrastructure. Its features like cooling chart, power analytics and health map, produces alerts about the potential troubles that might occur. “Power IQ operates while taking measure of a ratio known as Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE). PUE is important because there always is lot of overhead or non-computing energy that goes as wastage. In order to effectively control such wastage, our solution comes into play,” explains Hsu.

Power IQ has a configurable dashboard that keeps on revising details about environment health and energy consumption as well. The software reduces down time by establishing baselines and tracking long term trends for line current, temperature and humidity. This in sense avoids project delay by preventing circuit overloads.
Besides analysis on power, Raritan caters clients with another flagship DCIM solution dcTrack that gives them time-to-time information on networking and IT equipment. The solution is known for its virtues of commendable adaptability and versatility. The viable traits of dcTrack allow client systems to work within their defined process structure rather than having to modify their process according to the solution. “Our solution’s powerful features like auto-discovery, cloning and asset search promotes an easy and quick way to keep the system running. The efficiency of our solutions can be witnessed from the fact that, we have already served wide range of fields such as Finance, Health care, Hosting, Industrial, and Pharma,” asserts Hsu. The company’s clientele is comprised of eminent organizations such as Bloomberg, JPMorgan Chase, Aviva, AXA, Lockheed Martin, NASA, and Philips.
In an implementation highlight, F5’s product development lab in Seattle, WA was facing the problem of deficient power and cooling capacity. This had an effect on performance of F5’s high priority systems. It was after they deployed Raritan’s DCIM energy monitoring system, Power IQ, F5 started to mark a decrease in energy consumption. “With the deployment of Raritan’s solution, we were able to completely control the power requirements through a single click of mouse. Power IQ has greatly relieved us,” says Kiel Anderson, Senior Lab Network Engineer at F5.

Our solution’s powerful features like auto-discovery, cloning, and asset search promotes an easy and quick way to let the system keep running

Holding all the aces, Raritan desires to grow its focus on software solutions with a strong commitment towards DCIM. “With researchers predicting 60 percent growth in DCIM’s penetration by 2015, we intend to play a protagonist part of that process,” concludes Hsu.


Somerset, NJ

Ching-I Hsu, Chairman & CEO

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