Ravel Law: Enhancing the Legal Sector with Effective Solutions

Daniel Lewis, CEO
With continuous techno - logical advancements and rapidly increasing data, the legal industry is undergoing a fundamental transforma - tion to achieve efficient delivery of legal services and enhanced business process - es. However, many law firms often have to deal with large stacks of unstructured data in the form of meeting notes, forms, text books, and research papers, rather than columns in a spreadsheet. “In such a scenario, law firms are looking for technology solutions to drive efficiency,” begins Daniel Lewis, CEO, Ravel Law. Being a trailblazer in legal technology, Daniel Lewis along with Nik Reed, co- founded Ravel Law to deliver better tech - nology to lawyers and address the issues of decision making methodology. Head - quartered in San Francisco, CA, Ravel Law focuses on inter - preting informa - tion that turns legal data into le - gal insights. “At Ravel Law, we use cutting-edge technology to deliver actionable insights from millions of court opinions in one glance,” says Lewis. Ravel Law is a legal search, analytics, and visualiza - tion platform that enables lawyers to find and contextualize legal data.

Ravel Law provides an array of powerful tools including data-driven, interactive visualizations that make it easy for lawyers to understand the law and prepare for litigations. The platform helps attorneys benefit from the huge influx of information and find value while mapping law to help them understand the legal landscape, ensuring the key cases are not missed. Ravel Law’s platform helps lawyers invest more of their time in winning the case, rather than leafing through documents. Ravel Law is a new data-visualization product that helps lawyers sort through information.

The company’s platform arms lawyers with better insights and provides clients better services at a cheaper cost.

At Ravel Law, we use cutting-edge technology to deliver actionable insights from millions of court opinions in one glance

“We wanted to build a tool that could help lawyers deal with an avalanche of information,” says Lewis. The company provides deeper insights into how judges take decisions and helps in simplifying the decision making process. “This aids judges to better understand and solve issues,” states the Stanford grad, Lewis. The speed of Ravel Law in locating the relevant portions of cases is an order of magnitude better than other legal search tools.

Ravel Law prides itself on its ability to deliver legal data and actionable insights to solve customer problems and provide Ravel technology. Ravel Law has benefitted various companies with its effective solutions. The company provides high speed, ease, and efficiency and a unique way for the computer driven search tools are to be used for legal research. “Clients find Ravel Law to be truly remarkable in its capability for translating a simple declarative phrase into a richly complex query that profiles relevant cases from both bodies of law visually,” says Lewis.

Moving forward, Ravel Law builds powerful and intuitive legal visualization and analytics technology to move beyond basic research and expose case winning insights about the law. After using Ravel Law, lawyers discover extraordinary, highly relevant results that help them to achieve desired outputs.

Ravel Law

San Francisco, CA

Daniel Lewis, CEO

A legal, search, analytics, and Visualization platform that enables lawyers to contextualize and interpret information to turn legal data into legal insight