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Daniel A. Rykhus, President & CEO
It’s a known fact that a significant part of the technological evolution witnessed by the world was both a byproduct and the driver of the global industrial and commercial revolution. However, lost in its rapid pace and lucrative essence, modern business entities have significantly forgotten the bigger role this evolution has to play. The role of fueling a sustainable future. Utilizing the strength of modern engineering, manufacturing, and technological innovation, the world needs to come together and work toward achieving sustainability goals. Technology geared toward the preservation of natural resources, saving and improving lives through situational awareness and feeding the ever-growing population through smart agricultural practices, could merely be a first step in the direction of achieving that future. Focused on attributing its technological expertise to this cause is Raven Industries – a leader in precision agriculture, high-performance specialty films, and situational awareness markets.

Founded in 1956, in Sioux Falls, Raven started off as a designer and manufacturer of high-altitude research balloons for the American space program. From that single product line, the company grew into a successful and highly diversified technology company, while creating a direct impact in areas of safety, feeding the world, contributing to its energy independence and environmental preservation. Today, Raven is organized into three business units divided into Raven Applied Technology, Raven Engineered Films, and Raven Aerostar. The company follows a highly integrated approach, where all operations support each other while sharing knowledge and best practices.

Deeply committed to feeding a growing world population, Raven Applied Technology offers precision agriculture products that promote environmental stewardship, allowing farmers and custom applicators around the world to grow more with fewer resources. Since 1978, Raven Applied Technology has helped create, define, and redefine precision agriculture through an exceptional product line that includes field computers, application controls, guidance and steering, wireless connectivity, and cloud-based data management. Leveraging this technology, the company has significantly reduced costs through more precise application, steering equipment in the field, wirelessly connecting the field and the office, and promoting environmental stewardship with controlled outputs.

Raven’s technological dexterity is a result of the vibrant organizational culture that constitutes the unique blend of courage, integrity, and innovation converged into a capability to solve greater challenges

With a focus on protecting Earth's resources and preserving asset value, Raven develops lighter, stronger film and sheeting solutions that integrate sustainable environmental design practices for long-range performance. Designed for agriculture, construction, geomembrane, and industrial applications, Raven engineered solutions specialize in meeting even the toughest of the demands through a broad range of high-quality flexible films and sheeting products, varying from ultra-thin films to heavy and fiber-reinforced sheeting.

Apart from films, Raven also specializes in situational awareness technology under Raven Aerostar. The company shapes the stratospheric platform market with the world's most advanced and reliable lighter-than-air technologies and products such as stratospheric balloons, persistent communication platforms, radar systems, and integrated logistics support. Over the course of more than 60 years, Raven’s stratospheric design and development have made possible long-duration missions in the stratosphere.

Raven’s technological dexterity is a result of the vibrant organizational culture that constitutes the unique blend of courage, integrity, and innovation converged into a capability to solve greater challenges. The company’s collective zeal to solve some of the world’s greatest challenges drives the purpose, work, and passion of Raven’s team members. For over 60 years, the company has groomed an environment of collaboration, creative thinking, and problem-solving around its workforce, where despite operating across distinct business units, the discrete teams and members work together as one unit - One Raven.

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Raven Industries Closes Deal to Acquire AgSync

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.: Raven Industries (NASDAQ:RAVN) announced that it has completed the acquisition of substantially all of the assets of AgSync, Inc., headquartered in Wakarusa, Ind. This acquisition will immediately align under the company’s Applied Technology division, a leading technology provider in the precision agriculture industry, and greatly enhance its Slingshot® platform by delivering a seamless logistics solution for ag retailers, custom applicators and enterprise farms.

“We are pleased to officially welcome the AgSync team to the Raven family,” stated Brian Meyer, Vice President and General Manager of Raven Applied Technology. “They bring a wealth of knowledge in precision ag logistics management that already compliments the Raven Slingshot solution. By further integrating our systems and expertise, Raven will be able to offer the most complete logistics solution on the market — improving the bottom-line of our core customers.”

AgSync, Inc., established in 2008, has developed solutions for ag retailers, aerial applicators, forestry, seed companies and enterprise customers to overcome challenges related to managing large fleets, multiple locations, limited personnel and disconnected software systems in their operations. As AgSync has been a Raven Slingshot partner for several years, the acquisition will further integrate its capabilities into the platform and into the cabs of various application equipment.

“We are excited to join Raven on their mission to improve agricultural efficiency around the globe,” commented Clay Rassi, Head of Sales for AgSync. “We are especially committed to continuing the growth and success of Slingshot, particularly its focus toward creating a stronger connection to the cab. As we join forces with Raven, our organizations are aligned on our commitment to provide outstanding quality, service and innovative solutions for our customers.”

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Daniel A. Rykhus, President & CEO

Specializes in precision agriculture and diversified technological domains focused on safety, feeding the world, and environmental preservation

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