RAVENii: Humanizing the Hunt

Jeff Shipley, CEO
According to the 2016 State of SMB Cybersecurity Report, around 9 million SMBs have been shut down during the past 12 months due to hackers playing havoc, leading to a loss of millions of jobs and billions in turnover. Many of these SMBs thought they wouldn’t be a target for hackers because of the size and nature of their business. The truth is, they are the prime target and it is their endpoints that are the crown jewels.

Given that the perpetrators of these attacks are humans, the situation demands a security mechanism that understands the thought process of a cyber attacker. “Applying experienced human intuition to existing security solutions is the only way to compete with these hackers, we believe Gray Matter matters,” says Jeff Shipley, CEO of RAVENii.

To begin with, RAVENii’s team of security experts, system engineers, and network architects take a holistic view of the infrastructure. “Our threat hunters not only have a passion for the hunt; but the zeal to see its customers’ business thrive. It is the combination of these values that creates the best solution for our customers,” adds Shipley. RAVENii monitors everything under the purview of the IT environment and moves beyond the sphere of security breaches.

RAVENii believes that most organizations have already made significant investments in quality security tools; the gap is in having enough human bandwidth, skills and experience to ensure that those tools are configured and monitored to maximize their effectiveness. Being completely tool agnostic allows RAVENii to utilize previous technology investments to fulfill the cybersecurity requirements of a client.

RAVENii acknowledges that hackers will continue to evolve their approach to cyber-crime and the fact that the “Internet of bad things” will occur. This dynamic and challenging sphere, called the Internet, is not something a check mark or a “silver bullet” appliance can protect us from.

Applying human intuition and experience to existing security solutions is the only way to compete with these hackers, we believe Gray Matter matters

Acknowledging the significance of real-time threat resolution, RAVENii offers the 3i platform for cybersecurity risk mitigation. The online solution gives a real-time view of security and enhances system performance. “Irrespective of the type and number of devices, businesses can have a single pane of glass to track their security posture,” states Shipley. RAVENii’s 3i platform provides a unified operational view of devices and furnishes variance in device performance. “With the consolidated view of all the devices in one place, it becomes easier to benchmark and analyze the metrics, so that a problematic device—that seems benign in the beginning but has the potential to disrupt the safety—is identified,” states Shipley.

Today, RAVENii assists large co-location data centers, school districts, public municipalities, non-profit organizations, transportation, utilities, manufacturing, financial, and healthcare organizations improve their security posture. To continuously enhance its service offerings and help its clientele; RAVENii harnesses the power of its global network of seasoned hacking experts. “We interact with these experts on a weekly basis to keep abreast of the ever-changing threat landscape. We believe that the only way to win this cyber security war is through the collaboration with our customers and the collective intelligence of security experts around the globe,” concludes Shipley.


Lenexa, KS

Jeff Shipley, CEO

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