RCG Global Services: Unlocking Statistical Correlations to Garner Valuable Business Insights

Robert D. Simplot, President and CEO
Scuba diving requires analytic understanding of depth, gas mix, and pressure to survive 3 atmospheres below the water surface. Robert D. Simplot’s scuba obsession requires him to understand the pieces of data that are important and relevant at any given moment which is crucial to a successful dive. “This translates to our business environment also, wherein the understanding and timeliness of data is critical. Our business intelligence solutions provide information strategy, transformation, management, analytics and insight of data,” says Simplot, President and CEO, RCG Global Services.

In a typical Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) only 3 percent of the accumulated data is actually used and that happens to be structured data. The inclusion of unstructured data brings value to the companies’ efforts to analyze Big Data. RCG headquartered in Edison, NJ works with clients to custom design and architect solutions for Big Data strategies to address their core business objectives. The company applies Big Data technology solutions to capture and review terabytes of data in short time periods in a cost effective way to comprehend real-time decisions.

“Unlocking the hidden ROI using Big Data techniques is an imminent market tsunami,” reckons Simplot. When data analytics provide insights by deciphering hidden business correlations, it offers new perspectives to improve a business situation. RCG analytic tools and techniques range from enterprise-wide performance analysis to statistical correlations that provide insight into customer behavior, product performance, and operational efficiency. Its technology solution portfolio is tailor made to include 22 distinct offerings for six discrete practice areas. The company imbues a culture of innovation, driven by a strong foundation of standard delivery methods across core competencies.

In the analytics space, RCG’s consultants work in clients’ location to understand requirements and existing investments to create the blueprints and roadmap for implementation.
The work flow includes technical development, report generation, ETL development and maintenance, dashboard development, data quality validation and solution testing. RCG’s bench strength includes experienced and inquisitive BI professionals who conduct constant investigation and analysis of new analytic and data handling technologies to enhance the existing solution capabilities. The iterative research methodology followed at the company’s Big Data lab in Chicago perfects the research, to practice and apply innovative solutions in the client environment to solve specific business problems.

RCG works with businesses across industry verticals such as retail, insurance, healthcare, energy & utilities, entertainment & hospitality. One of RCG’s retail clients in the Midwest was unable to manage the explosive growth of data in their enterprise data warehouse. This resulted in the company spending millions of dollars for database expansions every two years. The energy consumption of the entire data center footprint as well as the investment in ETL licenses and maintenance was proving to be an expensive proposition for the client. Using the existing ETL process as the base, RCG’s consultants ran the same process on Hadoop once using Pig and a second time using SyncSort’s ETL tool on a Linux cluster. “We measured the cost and performance of the current ETL infrastructure architecture against Hadoop, and the proof of concept showed a 90 percent savings for this client simply by offloading ETL work into Hadoop,” says Simplot.

RCG is building industry solution prototypes in their Big Data lab to further enhance their capabilities in designing, developing, and deploying Big Data solutions, including advanced analytics. “Analytics was integral to my vision from the beginning and the progression of the industry to Big Data dovetail nicely with my plans,” says Simplot.


Edison, NJ

Robert D. Simplot, President and CEO

Provides consultancy to develop and implement strategies and solutions for Big Data and analytics.