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Rob Simplot, CEO & Founder
With exponential growth in data volumes generated across various channels, the need of the hour for the enterprises is to analyze the data, derive insights and make critical decisions in real-time that help deliver sustainable business performance. Solution provider and advisory firm, RCG Global, with its 4 decades of experience brings to table a variety of solutions that are designed for businesses.

Founded in 1974, RCG’s core practices are rooted with knowledge supported by sound methodologies and practices. Whether the challenge is speed to market, re-engineering business processes, uniting disparate information sources for effective decision-making, or integrating the IT environment, the firm offers custom solutions to meet business needs. Headquartered in Edison, NJ, RCG focuses on the company’s strategic, business and information needs in order to architect and deliver the Business Intelligence (BI) solution as a strategic capability.

Headed by Rob Simplot, President and CEO, RCG’s Specific Solution Roadmap is its ideal configurable process to help define solutions and map out the delivery strategy. The Solution Roadmap evaluates the business need and the business process and technologies, existing or future, required to deliver and support it.

Decisions for enterprise-wide programs, such as enterprise-wide reporting, technology direction, and so forth, are problematic for because they lack this alignment of the decision maker and those affected by the decision. This approach ensures that the enterprise program is successful for the business.

The company delivers a comprehensive analytic solution focused on the area of the business important to its customers and their markets, products, finances, operations, or other key business area.
Analytic solutions can include delivering queries and reports containing structured analysis, correlative and unstructured data analysis, and predictive analysis and data mining as needed to analyze patterns and data relationships that can lead to proactive measures to improve retail businesses.

RCG’s retail solutions focus on the modern-day shoppers who are time-starved and have zero tolerance for inconvenience. Its retail solutions place emphasis on ensuring effective cross-channel optimization for category management, shelf replenishment, inventory tracking, personalized offers to best customers, retail scorecard to measure and monitor store operations. Apart from the retail sector, RCG delivers suitable solutions for Insurance, Healthcare, Energy & Utilities and Entertainment & Hospitality units. Further, RCG Architecture addresses Technology, Data, Data Integration, Reporting, and Performance Measurement. RCG's Architecture specialists understand the practices, techniques, and solutions that can be applied to the challenges of architecting high-availability and performance environments to ensure that its architecture solution meets a retailer’s specific needs.

RCG catered to a company coming from the Automotive Parts sector, which was keenly focused on four key goals: raising sales productivity, expanding operating margins, generating strong free cash flow and increasing return on invested capital. The consultant firm was entrusted with Design Architecture, Detailed Design, Construction and System Integration for the project. RCG was successful in guiding its client and demonstrating the types of reports that could be generated and helped drive the understanding that could be gained from sales scorecards and dashboards. By ensuring the creation of an extract, transform, and load (ETL) architecture and design, RCG made sure it provide a strong foundation for future phases of the data warehouse project.

As the firm’s consultants are experienced management consultants and "hands on" managers of technology organizations, it is confident of providing objective, creative and actionable solutions to improve business performances.

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Edison, NJ

Rob Simplot, CEO & Founder

RCG focuses on strategic, business and information needs in order to architect and deliver the Business Intelligence (BI) solution as a strategic capability