RE Business Solutions: Streamlining Printing Processes with Robust Solutions

John Murabito, President
The emerging potential of cloud and BYOD trends in an organizational setting has bolstered innovations in some of the most basic, yet important areas like printing. Today’s firms prefer printing directing from their mobile devices using cloud-based applications than following the accustomed routine of downloading and printing essential documents. The irony there was to be able to curb heavy costs on color printing and assure security and secrecy of the information in those documents. “To fill these gaps and assess security and deployment challenges, CIOs need to have complete understanding of the secure management tools that are offered by major printing companies,” opines John Murabito, President, Re Business Solutions. Launched in 1988, Re Business Solutions operates on the philosophy of empowering companies address their office supply needs with its managed printing services (MPS) offered at the best prices.

The company’s robust and full-featured management print solutions help users view their printers and toner, receive service alerts, track shipment and also run reports to gain visibility printing cost, fleet and usage. “With tablets, phones, and laptops all in the offices, having expertise in the mobile printing solutions from different manufacturers is a must for companies. Having the right equipment in hand with appropriate functionalities and accessories is the key,” advises Murabito. Re Business’s software seamlessly streamlines and executes out the printing operations even if the customer’s printing fleet is spread nationwide across different office branches.

For instance, a retail manufacturer that used a certain type of printer entered into a service contract with Re Business to customize their exiting printing solution so that they would facilely place supply and repair orders throughout their 1,600 offices dispersed across the country. “We not only improved their supply delivery time from seven to ten days to one to two days but also reduced their costs by nearly 20 percent,” beams Murabito.

Having the right equipment in hand with appropriate functionalities and accessories is the key

In addition, the customer was able to offload the repair and service issues to a depot repair model so their IT staff could focus on core business projects instead of printer repair tasks.

With the tenet of ‘Assessment, Design, and Implementation and Management’ at its core and zero implementation cost, Re Business’s MPS stands miles ahead of its market competitors. The assessment process involves complete discover of a customers’ printing environment, cost, and management. The design process helps devise ways to optimize existing fleet through rightsizing, upgrading equipment, accessory options, installations, and removal of obsolete equipment. The implementation process entails adoption and installation of printer fleet management software, MAP devices with serial number, location, IP address and internal notes. Lastly, the manage process helps oversee the daily monitoring, supply fulfillment, service issues, technician dispatch, and repair parts shipping. Further, this process provides customers with quarterly reviews for print volumes, equipment usage, service calls, and equipment upgrades.

The company’s laudable team of experts who have undergone rigorous training and certifications has enabled it to chart out a distinct path in the MPS arena. “This has helped us achieve long-standing relations with our customers as a single source imaging, supply, IT products and service repair company, offering a broad spectrum of products to hundreds of manufactures,” extols Murabito. While the printing and imaging business veers toward the solution and technology based app, Re Business is gearing up to welcome new trends. “We are looking at 3D printing and its place in the market, equipment, and service to provide our clients a reliable solution,” concludes Murabito.

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John Murabito, President

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