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Yair Ravid, Co-Founder and CEO
The post-pandemic era is witnessing a significant mindset shift as health- and time-conscious consumers turn their back on in-person business engagements and opt for remote onboarding. Financial institutions are trying to adapt to this transition by revamping conventional workflows and implementing digital information exchange processes that make customer engagement smoother and faster while meeting security and compliance regulations.

REACH is helping them address these requirements with its all-in-one SaaS-based platform that unifies every step of the remote onboarding process, from collecting e-signatures, e-forms, document collaboration and video conferencing, to co-browsing, ID verification and secure payment processing.

This is done in real-time or customer self-service mode, allowing banks and other financial institutions to digitize tedious, labor-intensive, and paper-heavy backend processes.

“Our platform aims to create quick and seamless remote transactions where agents and clients can talk, see, share and upload files, fill out, sign, verify ID and process a payment from their mobile or any device, without any downloads,” says Yair Ravid, co-founder and CEO of REACH.

The platform strings together transaction completion capabilities to create the perfect workflow rather than relying on multiple scattered platforms, creating that ‘wow’ experience for customers.

Rather than relying on multiple platforms like Zoom for video conferencing, DocuSign for electronically signing documents, or Google Docs for document collaboration, REACH’s clients can complete the onboarding process in one shot from one platform. They can easily fill out mobile-optimized e-forms, co-view documents with the agent, get their ID verified, and sign without involving any other channel, software, or app. This removes two major roadblocks; the maintenance and support expenses involved with installing multiple disjointed platforms and the requirement for brokers to undergo extensive training to acquaint themselves with these disparate systems.

One of its customers, a credit union company, encountered difficulties onboarding customers due to complex paperwork, which led to poor user experiences and low conversion rates. They found the perfect solution in REACH, which enabled their customers to easily sign forms and submit documents from any device in a real time guided session with an agent, without shuffling multiple channels or downloading apps.
REACH’s closing capabilities allowed customers to seal the deal with features like digital signatures, witnessing tools, supplemental file upload, and bi-directional screen sharing. They were able to complete the majority of day-to-day processes via a self-service option while on the phone with an agent, eliminating prolonged processes and the need to visit a branch. The firm benefited significantly as it lessened administrative work and overhead for the staff at the call center while reducing break points in the customer journey.

Our platform aims to create quick and seamless remote transactions where agents and clients can talk, see, share and upload files, fill out, sign, verify ID and process a payment from their mobile or any device, without any downloads

Another automotive client was facing low conversion rates due to their in-person processes. To ensure a remote onboarding process in line with customer needs and compliance requirements, the client implemented REACH to facilitate the instant filling and signing of forms, modifications, and authorizations in real time while the service representative was on the phone with a customer. Leveraging REACH’s platform, the client could remotely show customers the vehicle through video conferencing, eliminating in person visits during the initial purchase stage. Since adopting the platform, representatives no longer spend valuable time chasing missing signatures and reworking incorrect forms. The customer facing services have become more efficient, and the dealer has strengthened their reputation as a leader in the automotive market.

Built with security in mind, the platform complies with the most stringent regulatory requirements and enables businesses to easily do the same. The platform automatically captures all data inputs filled out by the client, records them for compliance purposes, and pulls all data inputs from the documents to the backend systems, eliminating the need for rekeying relevant information. This way, convenience and compliance go hand in hand. Partnering with REACH, organizations can seamlessly close, engage, and automate remote transactions, remotely building strong business relationships.


New York, NY

Yair Ravid, Co-Founder and CEO

REACH is an all-in-one Saas solution for remote transactions where agents and clients can talk, see, share, co-browse, upload, pay, and even verify ID, from their mobile or any device, with no downloads required.