Readify: Delivering Outstanding Software Solutions

Graeme Strange, MD
Many organizations choose the potential of Microsoft platforms to address issues of software reliability, productivity and innovation. The ongoing success of these platform deployments calls for expertise that can handle major shifts around technology. Readify offers technical consulting and training on the Microsoft .NET and extended Application Development Platform to help enterprises leverage the full potential of their technology investments.

Headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, Readify drives business improvement by identifying new ways for its clients to interact with their customers using mobility and touch-based technologies. The company helps organizations leverage the enormous benefits of cloud-based solutions while addressing the issues of privacy, security and identity.

“Our high performance Solution Development Service is the pinnacle of the Readify development experience,” says Graeme Strange, MD, Readify. It’s a software solution and development engine that can be plugged into an existing organization’s processes to get high quality and predictable results. “We have developed this service to combat the high proportion of failed development projects, and combative vendor engagement models. It combines everything you need to develop your application with full transparency, underwritten by Readify’s highly awarded .NET development expertise,” adds Strange.

The company works with its clients to bring clarity to their business needs. “Our deep knowledge and proven experience allows us to understand complex and fragmented problems and then simplify the way forward for our clients.

We’re focused on delivering valuable software and we prideourselves on being easy to work with

We tackle problems in a cost-effective manner to drive real value from any software investment. Overall, we’re focused on delivering valuable software and we pride ourselves on being easy to work with,” notes Strange.

Readify differentiates itself through its great team. “We are often highlighted as ‘the company to work for’ by software engineers and developers, working in the Microsoft ecosystem. Our technically brilliant people allow us to help customers navigate technology waves and solve business problems with innovative software,” says Strange.

Readify has been working with Microsoft’s application development platform for over 12 years, helping organizations build on Microsoft technologies. For instance, Readify worked collaboratively with MYOB, an Australian provider of business management solutions, to shift its business information into cloud. Readify helped to transition the backend of their AccountRight software to the cloud as AccountRight Live and redevelop their desktop client. The company also assisted MYOB to build a Windows 8.1 client for executives who want access to key company financials on the go. The application improved the user experience; providing a quick and useful business health check–wherever and whenever it suits.

Moving forward, Readify plans to continue keeping up with the industry demand. “The industry is changing and new opportunities arise every day. We are actively looking to acquire organizations with a compatible culture and complementary capabilities to provide an extended software service and help us scale,” asserts Strange.

Graeme continues, “Too often people in IT accept the train wrecks. The missed deadlines, cost over runs and failed projects. Readify was established on the premise that we could change that. 12 years later we have proven beyond doubt that even the most innovative, forward thinking projects can run on time and be successful. Considering the impact of fully connected, ubiquitous devices reaching all corners of the globe–the importance of software enabling these devices is unquestioned. That’s exciting for Readify”.


Melbourne, Victoria

Graeme Strange, MD

Offering technical consulting and training on the Microsoft .NET and extended Application Development Platform