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Darren Jacobs, Director
“I think it is the quantum of change that needs to be catered for in any organization. We help clients keep up with their organizational compliance in an agile and seamless fashion,” begins Darren Jacobs, the Business Solutions Director of ReadiNow. In today’s digitized and diversified business landscape, organizations ought to be aware of and align with several stringent and changing regulations. Be it from the viewpoint of internal policies, the code of conduct, training, external compliance mandates, government regulations, or even new legislation, the rate of change that Jacobs alludes to is very rapid and evident. Companies are in a constant dilemma to reinvent themselves in the backdrop of continuously evolving aspects within and around their organization. The main hurdle to their compliance adherence is the siloed structure of businesses and departments, which can only be resolved with an integrated and holistic GRC solution—one that recognizes compliance as a unified discipline.

To this end, ReadiNow empowers its clients with GRC agility with its cloud-based digital transformation platform that brings together all the information under one hood and provides real-time analytics to drive business decisions. The platform connects all devices and business units, thereby facilitating a seamless flow of data across. It enables compliance managers to access relevant information instantly and helps them identify the various areas for process improvement. “Our no-code platform supports the organization’s ability to evolve its compliance framework, with intelligent engines to empower themselves and take control of their business operations effectively,” adds Jacobs.

The platform is powered by patent-pending intelligent engines—pertaining to data modeling, analytics, workflows, and process integrations, to name a few—that help clients to achieve flexible, robust, and holistic compliance frameworks. With the help of these engines, ReadiNow can help clients build customized compliance solutions that best fit their business needs. On top of these built-out solutions, clients can append solutions pertaining to risk management and governance.

A success story best exemplifies ReadiNow’s value proposition.

Our no-code platform supports the organization’s ability to evolve its compliance framework, with intelligent engines to empower themselves and take control of their compliance process

A large oil and gas operator was facing issues with change management for which they had to adhere to several mandates related to environment protection, cyber risk exposure, in addition to being compliant with all other regulations in the oil and gas space. The core obstacle was the disparate way in which their operations were carried out across the different departments and offices across the globe. This led to the generation of individual compliance reports and frameworks in all these offices, which then failed to generate accurate reports to regulators. By collaborating with ReadiNow, the client was able to maintain consistent compliance reports across every department and business unit. They were able to generate the reports in a matter of a few days. More so, they were able to find a compliance platform that would grow with them, one that adapts easily to the changes within the organizational and departmental frameworks.

Evidently, ReadiNow, unlike its competitors’ offerings, does not bring to the table a fixed compliance solution that needs continuous re-evaluation. Instead, their platform helps clients to keep up with the rate of change, with a solution that can evolve as the business evolves. From a customer engagement perspective, the company wishes to build a compliance ecosystem around its customers, a community-like model which will facilitate learning from each other. Furthermore, ReadiNow also looks ahead at introducing technologies such as AI into its platform, which will help clients to proactively adhere to the multiple compliance changes that take place regularly.



Darren Jacobs, Director

ReadiNow brings about a change in the compliance framework from transforming it from a rigid set-up to becoming more agile. This agile component allows clients to make the desired changes in their framework, according to the policies, regulations, and current market scenario. ReadiNow’s digital transformation platform helps bring about agility in aspects such as project management, IT, customer relations, and processes, while staying compliant to all the norms within the organization. The intelligent engines within the platform, such as the analytics, workflow, integration, and data modelling engines helps clients to build out solutions, tailor-made to their requirements and use that solution to formulate order or risk solutions and plug them into their compliance framework, which can be regularly updated without the need for a complete revamping