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Travis Farese, Founder & President
“In the real estate technology landscape, most of the applications developed by property tech companies are restricted to data delivery and analytics, and thus, investors struggle to make conclusive decisions and acquire assets,” begins Travis Farese, founder and president of Real AI. Farese’s words hold true since most property tech organizations specialize only in specific investment procedures such as underwriting or providing self-service analytics. The dearth of applications that integrate these features with asset management has made it cumbersome for buyers to reach an investment decision instantaneously. To mitigate such challenges around property acquisition, Real AI provides a data-driven platform that combines critical investment components into a unified portfolio to help commercial real estate investors find, evaluate, and acquire ‘on and off-market deals’.

The Real AI platform leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and data analytics algorithms to source, assess, sort, manage, and acquire assets, streamlining the entire acquisition process. It automatically details relevant properties that meet investors’ location, physical, and economic needs, purveys automated underwriting, and evaluates assets to convert off-market potential opportunities into successfully closed transactions. This approach to processing data and providing insights into deals helps investors in completing an acquisition while significantly saving their time, making the deployment of capital more efficient and effective.

In an attempt to assist investors, from showcasing relevant assets to evaluating them against market values to finalizing an acquisition, Real AI incorporates various advanced features in its offerings. The search attributes of the platform deliver results from a nationwide property database, including market-dependent information sets from general to specific, such as size of asset, type of roof(s), and the comparison between market rent and in-place rent. This creates a visual overlay that finds not only the best deals but also potential markets and submarkets to target for the steady growth of assets. “We have assessed around 90,000 properties with our automated valuation model, pinpointing the best investment opportunities in the market and maximizing growth,” adds Farese.

We have assessed around 90,000 properties with our automated valuation model, pinpointing the best investment opportunities in the market and maximizing growth

Real AI further extends its offerings by facilitating underwriting and in-depth financial analysis of assets with a configurable financial model for making investment decisions throughout the acquisition process. The platform is designed to track all property related activities such as bids that have been lost or won, success rates, and the difference between outlying bids and the actual transactional value of properties. The platform aggregates these data sets and provides portfolio analytics to investors to help them obtain contextual understanding of the assets they own, and ultimately optimize their asset management performance during their time of ownership.

Real AI is assisting many investors with what has been identified as the largest problem facing a $158 billion industry: finding the next investment asset to deploy capital. As a result, the company is gaining traction in the industry, which is resulting in tremendous demand and business growth.

Today, Real AI has several off-market assets identified as medium to high opportunities in its client’s funnel and represents over $10 billion in market value. In the near future, the company plans to introduce other commercial real estate property types, including office, industrial, retail, land, and mixed-use on its platform to serve even more commercial real estate investors. Real AI’s focus on and expertise in acquisition management has rightly positioned the company at the forefront of innovation, empowering investors in finding properties and leading them toward making better investment decisions.

Real AI

Austin, TX

Travis Farese, Founder & President and David Luebke, COO

Provides a robust platform to streamline property acquisition processes for commercial real estate investors

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