Real Asset Management: Managing Fixed Assets in Real-time

George Snelgrove, CEO & Founder
George Snelgrove, Founder and CEO of Real Asset Management, decided to shift his profession from banking to IT in the late 1960s when banks and financial institutions were starting to computerize. By the early 1980s, the first commercial desktop computers had become available to the medium-size business market but with very limited software options. Snelgrove, spotting an opportunity, wrote an integrated accounting system and set up Real Asset Management to sell it alongside “Superbrains” (which preceded the IBM PC.) A few years later, with a customer base of larger organizations in both the private and public sectors, Snelgrove identified a need for fixed asset management software.

Real Asset Management’s core product, the Series4000 suite, provides organizations with a complete fixed asset management solution, incorporating modules for fixed asset accounting, barcode/RFID asset tracking, and maintenance management. The software caters to the needs of multiple departments, allowing users to access a centralized database of asset information. “At the heart of Series4000 lies our fixed asset accounting module, Asset4000, a powerful tool that controls, tracks, and records changes throughout the lifetime of an asset to provide accurate current and historical data,” explains Snelgrove. The software is customizable to meet clients’ needs while ensuring compliance with federal and state taxes, as well as global accounting standards—GAAP, IAS17, IFRS, and Sarbanes-Oxley.

Real Asset Management focuses on product and service excellence and achieves this through a two-pronged approach. “We put a lot of energy into building solid teams and we encourage the sharing of information and ideas among groups. In many organizations, information gathered at the ground level doesn’t find its way up the chain or across to other teams but we value the insight that comes directly from our employees.
This open dialogue has encouraged innovation and agility. Secondly, our clients are a source of information for us and we have a program in place to gather client feedback so we can know what’s working and what’s not working. This insight has influenced how we develop new modules and improve upon our existing technologies,” Snelgrove explains.

Alongside product and service excellence, longevity and a focus on fixed asset management set Real Asset Management apart from its competitors. “In the post-recessionary economy, expense control and accountability are paramount. We are not only seeing rapid adoption of specialist fixed asset accounting and tracking systems, but also of maintenance management software as companies look for solutions to help manage assets more effectively and efficiently,” says Snelgrove. Commonwealth Credit Union, Kentucky’s second largest credit union, opted for Real Asset Management’s Series4000 software when it needed to upgrade its reporting in order to achieve a better flow of information between department managers; the implementation resulted in faster physical audits and increased efficiency, enabled by the system’s extensive reporting capabilities. Other clients include AirBoss, Carmike Cinemas, Semtech Corporation and Putnam City Schools, to name a few.

In the post-recessionary economy, expense control and accountability are paramount

Going forward, the company is looking at significant expansion plans along with an overall improvement to its infrastructure. “We will continue with the development of smartphone apps and SaaS deployed solutions, as well as expand infrastructure and support to our customers and partners in the Middle East and APAC,” concludes Snelgrove.

Real Asset Management

Boston, MA

George Snelgrove, CEO & Founder

Real Asset Management is a global supplier of fixed asset management and intermodal transport software and services across more than 70 countries.