Real IRM: Redefining EA Worldwide

Stuart Macgregor, CEO
Real IRM was born of the vision to apply market-leading Enterprise Architecture (EA) capabilities to enhance the way that organizations operate. In the earliest phases, the team consisted of a small group of EA specialists—where the initial concept was to create a permanent in-house EA practice within one of the world’s largest brewery companies.

Over the years, our focus has broadened to include a range of associated services that ensure the creation of business-appropriate and sustainable EA practices in Sub-Saharan Africa and worldwide.

At Real IRM, we’re very passionate about ‘practicing what we preach’, living the discipline of EA in the way that we collaborate and evolve the business. By packaging and formalizing the unique insights of our consultants, and creating frameworks for efficient client delivery, we become a living example of what EA can accomplish.

Allied to this is our emphasis on continual learning and innovation. You’ll find us constantly exploring new tools and technologies, trialing them within the company, and then extending successful practices to our clients while ensuring that our outputs are always ‘actionable’.

We work with organizations to develop internal EA competency via education and training interventions that cover every aspect of EA—including frameworks, techniques, tools, and people. Central to our portfolio of courses are The Open Group accredited training and certification programs in TOGAF, ArchiMate, IT4IT, Open CA and Open CITS.

Within Africa, we’re growing the discipline of EA from a number of perspectives: with our consultancy services, our portfolio of training courses, by managing the local franchise of The Open Group, and by leading The Open Group industry Forum, EMMM. Being involved in multiple facets enables us to support and contribute to the development of the EA profession, and keeps us on the leading edge of industry developments.
Real IRM established The Open Group in Southern Africa through creating and fostering a network of architecture professionals who engage in The Open Group forums and events, and through promoting the use of industry standard frameworks and notations such as TOGAF and ArchiMate.

Together with The Open Group, Real IRM was a founding member of the global industry vertical forum, Exploration, Mining, Metals and Minerals (EMMM). The EMMM forum members create reference models for the natural resources industry worldwide. We continue to gather various parties to facilitate collaboration within the sector so as to drive a number of strategic initiatives: greater automation, cost extractions, applying machine learning, artificial intelligence, moving towards open standards, and building industry-specific systems that can be deployed faster and at lower costs.

Looking forward, we are working to build cloud-based information management tools to essentially connect ‘those who know’ with ‘those who need to know’. In other words, we’re helping our clients to transform personal tacit knowledge into organizational IP. It’s a principle that extends down to every level of the organization—manifesting in simple practices like process modeling, knowledge coordination, real time collaboration, or document metadata descriptions, for instance.

Digital disruption is reshaping industries at an alarming rate, and it’s affecting everyone differently. Generally, incumbents are losing control over the markets in which they once easily dominated, and need to develop entirely new platforms and technologies to thwart the new generation of onrushing competitors. EA is essential as organizations strive to reinvent themselves in the digital economies that are emerging. Real IRM is ideally suited to lead organizations through the quagmire to stronger, competitive positioning.

Based on our sound business platform and the passion to drive EA value, we are now looking for business partners that will work with us to scale globally.

Real IRM

Johannesburg, South Africa

Stuart Macgregor, CEO

An EA specialist who offers a comprehensive portfolio of products and services to create sustainable business advantage and add value to business operations

Real IRM