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Matt Kahle, President
Our world is vulnerable to natural and man-made disasters with the potential to create huge impact on organizations and their business continuity. Historically, these events were the pre-eminent drivers for enterprises’ data backup and disaster recovery solutions. Without those solutions, businesses would likely incur severe financial and data losses and become impuissant, and unable to provide uninterrupted services for their clients. However, so called “acts of god,” only account for one part of what could be called a disaster. Cybersecurity is another nightmare that causes many an IT professional to lose sleep. A significant need for powerful backup and recovery solutions is thus asserted—plans that can assist enterprises weather a disaster and secure critical data from hackers and scammers. Serving this need is Michigan-based Real IT Solutions, an organization-critical lifeline for operations continuity.

Backed by a 55 year experience in delivering IT solutions, Real IT Solutions serves the disaster aversion IT needs of small to medium-sized businesses. “We have an exclusive focus on small manufacturers and tailor our service offering to help them fulfill their need for uptime and efficiencies,” says Matt Kahle, President of Real IT Solutions. He identified that there is an underserved need for small manufacturers for uptime and efficiencies, caused by the use of tape or USB-based backup systems. Real IT Solutions helps small manufacturers reach their goal by providing an enterprise-class business continuity and disaster recovery solution at an affordable price point.

“With our robust suite of solutions, we are able to rapidly restore data backups to our clients’ production environment,” says Matt. Backed by standby server technology, Real IT Solutions’ foolproof, multilayered data security solution creates up-to-the-minute copies of all critical data and offers constant and reliable backup. The firm makes sure that the data is encrypted to avoid all possible cyber incidents. Real IT Solutions also provides business continuity services. In the event of a larger outage or disaster, the firm can virtualize small manufactures’ enterprise environment on on-premise equipment, and remote or offsite data centers. Therefore, regardless of outage, type of malware attack, or accidental deletion, Real IT is able to restore clients’ operations, in a matter of minutes.

We have exclusive focus on small manufacturers and tailor our service offering to help them fulfill their need for uptime and efficiencies

This enables them to minimize downtime, to help the firm serve their customers better.

By adopting a comprehensive engagement model with clients, Real IT Solutions provides enterprises a reliable source to back up their data and allows them to focus on their core business. In the first stage of engagement, dubbed the “discovery phase” the firm documents customers’ existing systems and needs. It includes identification of hardware and software that need to be protected and an assessment of the volume of data. Thereupon, Real IT Solutions tailors its backup solution or business continuity solution accordingly.

Real IT Solutions’ simple but unique solutions and customer-first approach enables it to garner a wide client base across Michigan. The firm’s recent engagement with an organization that relied on the cloud backup well exemplifies its value proposition. After facing a ransomware attack, the client’s attempt to restore data from the cloud took more than three days and they were forced to partially stop manufacturing during that time. However, Real IT Solutions’ result-driven and powerful solution suite completed this process in hours, eliminating the need for downtime.

Since its inception, Real IT Solutions has been riding the wave of constant growth by leveraging its founders’ longstanding experience in delivering IT solutions. The firm achieved an average of 35 percent growth every year in the last four years and developed several solutions in other application areas—IT Project Management, Cloud Computing, and Security to name a few. “Envisioning the future, we are on a drive to extend our disaster recovery model into larger organizations,” concludes Matt.

Real IT Solutions

Grand Rapids, MI

Matt Kahle, President and Adam Peterson, Vice President

Delivering data backup and recovery services for small manufacturers that enables them to achieve business continuity

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