Real Magnet: Bringing Simplicity to Marketing Automation

Mitch Eisen, Co-founder and CTO
Over the years, marketing automation platforms have created ripples in the marketing space with their ability to enhance efficiency and streamline the marketing process. However, most automation systems have the reputation of being difficult to implement and use, with a level of complexity that can be intimidating to businesses - particularly those with smaller marketing teams. Challenging this paradigm is Real Magnet, whose 15 years of expertise in this space has been focused on transformative yet easy to use marketing tools to help clients engage their audience in a more consistent and impactful manner. “We focus on making our pitch much easier and making that unapproachable technology very approachable through our marketing automation platform,” explains Mitch Eisen, Co-Founder and CTO, Real Magnet.

Real Magnet’s marketing automation platform has simplified the way marketers generate, manage, and measure the impact of their marketing content throughout their customer lifecycle. The solution allows users to build their campaigns and get them running within minutes. “We have taken the most common campaign types that different industries use and simplified the process by creating easy-to-use campaign templates,” affirms Eisen. Users can select the type of campaigns they want to run, such as promotions or welcome campaigns, answer a few questions and launch the campaign. Users can even create campaigns that simultaneously launch content via email and social media to help boost their social media presence. Another major focus of the company is deliverability. “It is pointless if the content sent to the client ends up in the junk or spam folder, so we pride ourselves on the ability to get email into the inbox,” he adds.

Additionally, the Real Magnet platform integrates with Association Management Systems and Customer Relationship Management systems for seamless transfer of data between the two platforms. “The connections between our platform and the database systems are like arteries that transfer the blood of data between systems,” elucidates Eisen. Individual contact data from the AMS/CRM is passed to Real Magnet to engage in email and social marketing campaigns, resulting data from these campaigns is transferred back to the AMS/CRM for further segmentation and optimization.

The connections between our platform and the management systems are like arteries that transfer the blood of data between systems

“The Real Magnet platform provides the ability to transfer data about new contacts and recipients captured by the client, from the platform to their database.”

In addition to simplicity and deliverability, the company focuses on providing superior customer support, with talented support reps and strategic account managers providing personalized support and training. Interestingly, while Real Magnet was developing the next generation of its marketing automation platform, they also undertook an initiative to make their own marketing efforts more data driven. Using the new features and functionalities of the platform to drive their own automated campaigns, Real Magnet focused on lead scoring, lead nurturing, and outbound communications to capture more, better qualified prospects. This initiative also helped the company identify issues their customers might face, and build solutions into the platform. “We made our platform more data driven, analytical, and optimized in terms of communication and segmentation as a result of our own marketing efforts,” affirms Eisen.

The company will continue to evolve in the marketing automation space by helping its clients communicate seamlessly with their customers across multiple channels. As part of its growth strategy, Real Magnet aims to be at the forefront of the integration between email, social media, and mobile for inbound and outbound marketing. The company also plans to use predic¬tive analytics to optimize interactions with recipients. “We are trying to position ourselves on the forefront by developing both internally and externally, and capitalizing on some of the latest trends to help our clients achieve their goals” concludes Eisen.

Real Magnet

Bethesda, MD

Mitch Eisen, Co-founder and CTO

Provides easy to use marketing automation platform to better deliver email, social and mobile marketing campaigns

Real Magnet