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Mihkel Jäätma, CEO In today’s digital economy, retail industry stands as a flag-bearer of effective consumer-centricity. As the industry transitions deeper into the realm of Artificial and cognitive intelligence, a new levels of user satisfaction and comprehension have been unlocked and are being significantly implemented for various brands where now they identify the right chords of effective marketing but also critical dynamics of capturing the attention of the consumers and their requirements. Digital marketing is one such arena that has been instrumental in this day and age with video advertisements ruling the sales in retail brands. Excelling in this rapidly escalating domain is Realeyes, which enables the present day marketers to effectively determine whether their videos will fly or flop using the speed and scale of AI. Through programmed the AI software that can read the emotions and webcams that can measure attention, Realeyes brings marketers to a level that they can govern the impact of their content. The company deploys AI to analyze the word-to- sentiment of viewers’ custom survey responses providing brands an additional layer of data to optimize their marketing campaigns. Realeyes technology is highly accurate up to 75 percent at predicting sales uplifts.

A Unique Self-Service Platform

Realeyes GO (Beta) is a self-service platform that enables marketers to measure the effectiveness of their content by using the speed and scale of AI. Through opted-in webcams, that capture viewers’ attention levels and emotional responses in real time, marketers can easily determine how well their creative will perform in merely within 3 hours. Using computer vision and machine learning, we measure how people feel as they view your content online through their webcam.

Realeyes technology is highly accurate up to 75 percent at predicting sales uplifts

The platform offers marketers with a Drag, drop and go model where they have no need to wait; instead they can measure as many creatives as they want and whenever they want. The marketers can upload their own or competitor images, GIFs or videos at any stage of marketing life-cycle, where Realeyes can source them with a sample audience between 150 to 300 viewers based on their objectives. The platform measures the attention, emotions and sentiment of the sample audience as they watch your content on their own device at home. You can even ask brand lift survey questions too. The Reports are crafted by a team at Realeyes comprised of highly-experienced marketing professionals who distil results into valuable insights that can be used by marketers. They can use both Creative Testing and Media Planning insights to understand how consumers feel about their creative and also perform a second-by-second analysis on how to maximize audience attention for final edits or cut-downs.

The Realeyes GO offers marketers a single performance score where they can know instantly whether their video would fly or flop by using one score comprised of emotion and attention and easily compare multiple assets. The opted-in webcams also allow the marketers to direct access to global audiences and make faster campaign decisions. Realeyes GO constitutes the most cost-effective way to measure a marketers content at scale and more accurate than CTR or VTR, charging only 500$ per video. The marketer can easily benchmark the effectiveness of their content by competitor, industry, geography or previous campaigns by spending just 1 percent of their media budget while getting it to work over 20 percent harder.
Customer Testified

Ads and branded content for car companies have produced some of the most memorable viral videos in recent years. Examples such as Volkswagen’s ‘The Force’, and Volvo’s Van Damme ‘The Split’ experiment have reached to vast sections of the global audience and have taken the internet by storm. Several other ther companies have also followed their lead, and have chosen to invest heavily in their video content and hoping to break the barrier with that special viral ingredient. Yet social success is often far more elusive than simply spending more money on your creative.

Realeyes embarked on an industry-wide investigation to reveal the common factors that have made automotive ads successful in the past, and establish which are the specific emotional trends that are responsible to drive success or failure. The company’s goal was to identify the most significant trends, which determined social performance.

The company then collected social media data for more than 100 ads that were present already in its database and tested an additional 30 ads from 2013, including successes such as the Volvo Truck Experiments, and campaigns for Audi and Volkswagen.

At the heart of this investigation lied Realeyes’ EmotionAll score, which is based on engagement, attention, retention and impact metrics, lies. The correlation between high emotional performance and high social performance crystal clear – ads with a high EmotionAll score garnered significantly more views and engendered more social actions than lower scoring videos.

Since there are definite performance criteria to achieve success in the social sphere, Realeyes’ insights provided clear guidelines for content creators and marketing managers to use as part of their decision-making processes. Automotive benchmarks provide an ongoing comparative performance, and the predictive nature of emotional performance can be utilized by marketers to understand whether their content has viral potential.


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