Realityworks: Simulated Learning For Lasting Lessons

Timm Boettcher, President & CEO
Dedicated to improving social, emotional and physical health through experiential learning, Eau Claire, Wisconsin-based Realityworks, headed by Timm Boettcher, has created several interactive simulation products to enhance in-class instruction and provide users with memorable, hands-on experience. These simulators and the accompanying curricula help users make more informed life decisions, hone industry-needed skills and prepare to be more productive members of the workforce. Realityworks’ products are used by educators in a variety of career and technical programs, including family and consumer science, health, maternal and child health, agriculture, welding and automotive, as well as government and social service agencies worldwide.

Realityworks is dedicated to ensuring that innovative, relevant and quality products are available to the market

The company’s flagship product, RealCare Baby®, is the world’s most advanced infant simulator. Not only does the latest version cry when it requires changing, feeding, rocking or burping, but it senses and records when clothing is changed, whether it is clothed appropriately for the surrounding temperature, and how long it has been sitting unattended in a car seat. These attributes enable caregivers to practice caring for an infant 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

In addition to RealCare Baby, Realityworks also offers infant simulators that address substance abuse education, prenatal education, child care skills, infant safety and CPR, and Shaken Baby Syndrome. Also available is their RealCare Pregnancy Profile, a simulation that replicates the third trimester of pregnancy and can be used in parenting or child development education classes.

The company’s newest simulator is the teachWELD® welding simulator. By leveraging a real-space welding environment with software that allows students to visualize the weld while receiving instruction and assessment on their skill development, this simulator enables users to gain hands-on welding experience without using consumables like gas and metal. In addition to the economic benefits, this video game-like simulator is a unique and memorable way to recruit future welding students.

Other Realityworks products include online simulations in business education, which give students hands-on experience in making business decisions. In these simulations, participants run their own virtual businesses, make critical decisions and use problem-solving skills while exploring complex business subjects as they try to succeed.

With customer service, social responsibility and sustainability initiatives as important to the company as financial success, Realityworks is dedicated to ensuring that innovative, relevant and quality products are available to the market. Their products and programs are currently used in 67 percent of U.S. schools and over 89 countries worldwide, ensuring that as many people as possible can benefit from the meaningful and measurable life experiences – and the resulting healthy choices – that their programs provide.


Eau Claire, WI

Timm Boettcher, President & CEO

Realityworks provides experiential learning through simulation technology