RealVNC: Automotive Connectivity Powered by Standards and Innovation

Tom Blackie, VP, Automotive
Communication between vehicles, mobile devices and the cloud is undergoing widespread innovation. As automotive OEMs struggle to deliver a seamless and secure in-vehicle experience, VNC Automotive is delivering quality solutions to meet the challenging demands of the industry. With a rich history in building innovative remote access solutions, RealVNC is bringing its expertise to the automotive industry with its MirrorLink-certified solutions to meet the needs of the global OEMs and their customers. Founded by the inventors of Virtual Network Computing (VNC) remote access and control protocol, RealVNC’s role in today’s digital-driven automotive world is a natural progression of their core capabilities in enabling seamless in-vehicle as well as vehicle-to-cloud communication across mobile devices and automotive brands, in an agnostic manner.

As a chartered member of the Car Connectivity Consortium supporting the MirrorLink standard, which uses VNC, RealVNC’s solutions integrate the mobile devices of the driver and the passengers with their car, enabling these devices to perform a number of different functions within the vehicle. From Google maps to media files, drivers can easily access and control applications and content stored in the mobile phone from the head unit of the vehicle. As RealVNC supports Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and Baidu CarLife, automotive OEMs ensure customers can connect to devices supporting these protocols and achieve an unimpeded digital experience across the widest range of devices.

Furthermore, through its proprietary software, VNC Enhanced, RealVNC provides automotive OEMs the flexibility to enable customers access content on a wide-range of devices from in-vehicle infotainment systems to rear-seat consoles. VNC Enhanced complements the MirrorLink standard for responsible access to drive-safe device content and audio on the move while offering superior performance, security, and flexibility. In addition, multiple devices can be connected simultaneously; content is aggregated from all of the devices and can be streamed to different screens around the vehicle.

RealVNC simplifies vehicle connectivity to cloud. With RealVNC Telematics, drivers and passengers can not only access their home media server, CCTV cameras, and real-time traffic information, but also avail helpdesk and concierge services that save time and cost.

Our ability to facilitate bidirectional real-time interactive communication across thousands of devices and vehicles is unique

Tom Blackie, vice president of Automotive, RealVNC, explains, “In case of concierge service, if a driver is unable to use Google maps or SatNav, they can use the ‘help’ button that connects to the customer care team. RealVNC’s smart technology allows the customer care agent to have the clear visibility of the instrument cluster, head unit display, diagnostic and telemetry data from the vehicle. The agent can interact with SatNav in real-time, enter the zip code, educate the driver, train them to use the SatNav if required, and the driver can be on their way.” In case they see warning lights in the vehicle they could also connect to the dealership who can review the condition of their vehicle through telemetry data and guide the driver to take the best action. “Our ability to facilitate real-time bidirectional interactive communication across thousands of devices and vehicles is truly unique.”

Having several Tier 1 equipment suppliers such as Clarion, Panasonic, Bosch as customers, RealVNC has also collaborated with Volkswagen to refine the overall end-to-end user experience in using MirrorLink-enabled devices. With a highly optimized MirrorLink solution, RealVNC enables stronger communication between the mobile phone and the Volkswagen vehicles. This results in greater interoperability, faster response times, and a smooth driver experience.

According to Blackie, autonomous vehicles will surely find acceptance and gain traction in the market, commercially. To this end, the road ahead for RealVNC is full of many interesting opportunities where their proven track record of software innovation with a focus on standards will help them to enable the autonomous vehicles of the future.


Cambridge, UK

Tom Blackie, VP, Automotive

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