REAN Cloud: Securing and Automating DevOps Environments

Ben Butler, VP, Partners, Marketing, & Business Development
When entrepreneurs Sri Vasireddy, Rupa Vasireddy, and Sekhar Puli founded REAN Cloud in the fall of 2013, little did they know how fast their company would become an integral part of the DevOps and Amazon Web Services (AWS) revolution. In the past few years, REAN Cloud has exceeded all expectations of IT organizations with its agile approach toward cloud migration, creating an opportunity for development and operations units to work as a team. Amid these circumstances, Herndon, VA based REAN Cloud is enabling enterprises to manage complex and highly scalable architectures through its Managed Services (MGS) and Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipeline automation. “We use DevOps and MGS offerings to provision infrastructure for our clients, secure workloads, and process models for building and deploying apps,” says Ben Butler, VP, Partners, Marketing, and Business Development, REAN Cloud.

For REAN Cloud, it is all about eliminating the walls between teams and driving maximum value from AWS. Being an AWS Premier Consulting Partner with DevOps Competency and audited Managed Services Partner, REAN Cloud fosters transparency in the deployment of software and unleashes a continuous innovation pipeline for organizations looking for quality and feature-rich applications. With REAN Cloud and its CI/CD service, software applications can be developed in quick successions, without risking the resiliency of the solution. Even if bugs are detected, REAN Cloud empowers developers to fix the issues quickly and focus on building the chief application capabilities. “Our monitoring tools allow organizations to respond rapidly to any unplanned service disruptions or unresolved degradation in the environment,” adds Butler.

Unwanted errors are bound to occur if the cloud environments and DevOps processes lack reliable tools, which can jeopardize the security of the overall infrastructure. “Our Managed Services platform leverages automation to adapt to dynamic DevOps ecosystems and ensure industry standards are maintained across our customer’s fleets—tagging, backups, and compliance scores,” says Butler.

Our Managed Services platform leverages automation to adapt to dynamic DevOps ecosystems and ensure industry standards are maintained across our customer’s fleets

The company also has a unique combination of skills and expertise to help clients implement DevSecOps to make security testing an integral part of the CI/CD process. “REAN Cloud aims at using DevSecOps on AWS cloud to continuously improve and secure processes in a more granular way,” adds Butler. The combination of REAN Cloud’s IP, CI/CD, and MGS effectively manages a client’s DevOps and cloud operations, while enabling them to focus on their business and core competencies.

REAN Cloud has helped various organizations find the right path in their cloud and software development journey. Ellucian, a firm in the education technology space, moved its applications to AWS with the support of REAN Cloud. Based on their shared success, Ellucian engaged with REAN Cloud again to evaluate and transform their deployment and integration to adopt a cloud-based agile engineering DevOps process. REAN Cloud supported Ellucian by developing a comprehensive CI/CD pipeline with applications running on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud. Eventually, Ellucian leveraged the DevOps Pipeline, built on AWS, to deploy new code that was automatically tested and used as machine images, across multiple environments.

Having recently closed its first round of funding, REAN Cloud is determined to further extend its growth trajectory. “We acquired Opex Software which will fortify our already strong suite of Infrastructure Automation Deployment and Testing capabilities,” says Butler. Through such ambitious steps, REAN Cloud aims to strengthen its leadership position and brand awareness as DevOps and AWS Cloud Experts in the cloud arena worldwide.

REAN Cloud

Herndon, VA

Ben Butler, VP, Partners, Marketing, & Business Development

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