Reblaze: Essential Security

Any organization with a web presence needs to protect itself against hackers, DDoS attacks, scraping and data theft, and other Internet threats. However, getting adequate protection is a challenging task. Traditional security solutions are expensive, complicated, and difficult to update. In addition to these drawbacks, security solutions are often single-purpose, so they do not provide comprehensive protection. In addition, if this were not enough, very few solutions offer real-time control and analytics of incoming traffic.

Companies that use DevOps need to deal with additional hurdles: a typical WAF is very inflexible and gets in the way of continuous deployment. Companies moving to the cloud have more challenges beyond these: most cloud security services consolidate their customers onto shared clouds, which expose those customers to multi-tenancy vulnerabilities. In addition, these services run on self-owned infrastructure, which is less performant and less reliable than the top-tier public clouds.

Enter Reblaze: the firm built to address all of these pain points, and more.

“We offer a SaaS security platform called Reblaze. It is a comprehensive web security solution, including a next-generation WAF, robust DDoS protection, bot mitigation, human behavioral analysis, and more,” says Eyal Hayardeny, CEO and Founder. He goes on to say, “Web security is important in all verticals, so we have customers in pretty much every market segment you can think of.”

Along with addressing all the pain points mentioned above, the security platform is also fully managed. As new web threats arise, Reblaze is updated immediately to protect against them.

Also, every Reblaze customer gets a unique Virtual Private Cloud—an exclusive dedicated stack for that customer’s use alone—which isolates the protected network from web threats and eliminates the multi-tenancy vulnerabilities that Reblaze’s competitors suffer from.
Eyal Hayardeny, Founder & CEO
Those competitors also charge hefty up-front fees, and they lock their customers into long-term contracts—neither of which Reblaze does. “And even though most of our customers are month-to-month—which is very unusual for our industry—our annual retention still averages about 98 percent,” says Hayardeny.

Reblaze is all about innovation

“We are pioneers in leveraging new technologies such as big data and machine learning,” says Hayardeny. Reblaze leads the industry in areas such as the sophistication of its bot detection and human behavioral analysis, the precision of its access control capabilities, and the insights it provides into network traffic, among other areas.

An interesting example of Reblaze’s prowess is Reebonz, the leading luxury e-commerce retailer in Asia Pacific. Reebonz was using a solution (one of Reblaze’s competitors) which requires its customers to share cloud resources. When one of those other customers was attacked, Reebonz was taken down too as collateral damage—from an attack that was not even aimed at them. So they switched to Reblaze. “Now they have unique Virtual Private Clouds for each data center, each of which is immune from whatever might be occurring elsewhere. They’re also saving about $5,000 per month since switching to us,” smiles Hayardeny.

After all this success, the team at Reblaze still looks at the future with the same excitement as they did on day one. “Cloud technologies have made huge leaps in the last few years, and even better capabilities are coming, especially in areas like machine intelligence. We’re passionate about web security, and we are looking forward to using these advances to make the web a safer place for everyone,” concludes Hayardeny.


Sunnyvale, CA

Eyal Hayardeny, Founder & CEO

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