RecoveryPlanner: An All Encompassing Business Continuity Tool

Monica Goldstein, EVP
In the recent past, the likes of the Japan earthquake, east coast hurricanes, early snow storms, as well as a focus on cyber-security have compelled organizations to rethink their business strategies. It was only natural for Business Continuity to evolve from the confines of Disaster Recovery to the organization as a whole. “Understanding of business-IT dependency and how other stake-holders interrelate with business continuity programs is gaining importance,” informs Monica Goldstein, EVP, RecoveryPlanner. Trumbull, CT based RecoveryPlanner offers comprehensive soft¬ware, RPX.

As an end-to-end web-based tool, RPX caters to the organization-wide scope of Business Continuity. “With a number of recovery plans and their complexity rising exponentially, RPX empowers organizations to ensure efficient and standardized plans are in place,” explains Monica. RPX encompasses all components of Business Continuity Management–from Business Continuity Planning (BCP) to Disaster Recovery (DR), Risk, Business Impact Analysis (BIA), as well as Incident Response, Crisis Management and Notifications. The tool ensures that the siloed business units collaborate and play an important role in drafting and managing recovery plans of the organization.

“By having integrated Incident Management functionality within our solution, we enable organizations to test and respond to an incident within RPX,” explicates Monica. “It also has capability to integrate from external systems like PeopleSoft through our APIs.” Pioneering web-based BCP and DR in 1999, RecoveryPlanner has established itself as a major market player in the Risk, Business Continuity and Crisis/Incident Management software space. In addition to adopting the approach of a centralized repository of information, the company provides an interactive Business Continuity tool.

RPX gives organizations the ability to co-ordinate the recovery and continuity of operations, and gain visibility into resources and the processes involved. It encourages pro-active planning and management of resources, and compares needs and expectations of business units and identifies gaps.
“Organizations can test their plans in real-time, document their test, and send notifications to other departments,” elaborates David Miller, VP of Client Services, RecoveryPlanner.

By having integrated Incident Management functionality within our solution, we enable organizations to test and respond to an incident within RPX

RecoveryPlanner continuously improves upon RPX by inputs received from its customers, prospects, and partners. “Our relationship with customers, clients and end-users has been historically beneficial throughout our development cycles,” remarks Miller. “It gives us insight into the evolution of the industry and key areas of interest.” In an implementation highlight, RPX came out to be a potent replacement when auditors were apprehensive about a deficient disaster recovery product employed by a services organization. Upon analyzing the task at hand, and a tight schedule to work on, RecoveryPlanner’s team worked with hundreds of recovery plans within the employed deficient solution and high data volumes. “We adopted an integrated approach, collaborated with their project managers and end-users to pull in assets, analyze the data, and restructure the information,” elaborates Miller. Once the feedback was received from the client, RecoveryPlanner revisited and organized the data within RPX, and the client passed the SEC audit, and RecoveryPlanner got a strong advocate for RPX.

RecoveryPlanner building upon similar success stories will continue being a comprehensive BC, DR, and Crisis/Incident Management solution provider. The company is focusing to make a mark on the Risk and GRC market as well. Additionally, the team at its innovation lab is working closely with the RPX team for development of mobile applications, such as an App recently introduced that focuses on workforce recovery (personal preparedness) that can be utilized in conjunction with the RPX business App and software. “Collaboration is the key to innovation,” concludes Monica.


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Monica Goldstein, EVP and David Miller, VP of Client Services & Product Support

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