Red Sky Solutions: Creating Frictionless Business Environments

Dave Stone, Co-founders
Athorough understanding of business processes, mixed with the skills to apply it on a platform like Salesforce, is the recipe for building a frictionless business environment. Red Sky Solutions, headquartered in Costa Mesa, CA, excels in this area. Built under the stewardship of Dave Stone and Daryl Garcia, both pioneers in Salesforce, Red Sky has emerged as a premier Salesforce Silver Cloud Alliance Partner. “We have successfully completed over 1600 different Salesforce projects for our clients who now work more effectively as a team, utilizing resources like never before,” says Stone, Co-founder, Red Sky.

Committed to providing best-in-class solutions, Red Sky is at the forefront of helping customers unleash the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI), predictive analytics, and Lightning Experience UI. “Salesforce Einstein will give our clients more insights into their data and help tell them what to do, as opposed to merely displaying data,” says Stone. He continues, “Helping our clients quickly distill mountains of data through predictive analytics tools such as Clari is another way Red Sky is assisting companies. The Clari app helps us give sales executives confidence in forecasting, makes sales managers better coaches, and puts reps in a position to hit their numbers consistently. Our experience with Lightning setup allows clients to view data in a much more visual way, rather than drilling down through screens of textual data,” states Stone. With use of predictive analytics and a brand-new look, Lightning is reshaping the user experience for Salesforce, in addition to improving adoption rates and company performance.

The key to enhanced user experience lies in Red Sky’s implementation methodology for deploying Salesforce, which begins with a comprehensive business process review. Red Sky’s Salesforce experience helps optimize timelines, budgets, expectations, and requirements and presents the analysis to the client in a completely transparent manner. “Depending on the requirements, the solution could include integrating Salesforce applications with systems like SAP, Oracle, or other SQL database systems using code, Salesforce Connect, or middleware tools such as Jitterbit,” mentions Stone. Garcia, Red Sky’s other co-founder, chimes in: “Being respectful toward our clients’ time constraints and budgets is a key aspect of Red Sky’s approach.”
Daryl Garcia, Co-founders

Red Sky’s commitment to protecting clients’ interests and mastery in Salesforce deployments has won the company many clients. City of Hope National Medical Center (COH), a premier medical and cancer research institution in California, found it challenging to consolidate data from seven of its call centers. As each center handled only a particular type of patient, calls had to be forwarded from one center to another. However, as the information conveyed by a patient at one center could not be shared, all the call centers witnessed data silos. By implementing Salesforce’s Service Cloud, Red Sky delivered a means to share information across all call centers, in addition to alerting doctors and nurses to critical information. The Red Sky implementation solution boosted productivity by over 30 percent.

We are on the leading edge of making Salesforce work in new ways, clients have only dreamed of in the past

Trilogy Financial Services recently completed a Financial Services Cloud implementation that included Lightning Experience. This new data model, intended to help financial services clients boost productivity of its advisors has been a big success. “We’ve hired and worked with many partners over the years and have never been happier than working with Red Sky,” states their COO.

COH and Trilogy Financial are just a couple among the many success stories of Red Sky. The company’s clientele has grown continuously. Looking to tomorrow, Red Sky intends to continue leveraging its experience in predictive analytics and Salesforce Lightning, in an even bigger way in order to maximize benefits for its clients. “These new areas are the future of Salesforce and we are on the leading edge,” concludes Stone.

Red Sky Solutions

Costa Mesa, CA

Dave Stone, Co-founders and Daryl Garcia, Co-founders

Provides implementation, integration, and software development services using the Salesforce platform

Red Sky Solutions