Red Spot Interactive: ROI Driven Customer Acquisition Platform

Jason Tuschman, President & Co-founder
There are over 1 billion searches on Google every day—via TV, tablets, desktops, and phones— which create opportunities for customer acquisition through unique ad formats and integrated platforms. This opportunity is met with a comparative challenge in which there is a growing need for advertisers on Google to understand their ROI from Google so they can properly allocate budget, optimize designs and targeting, or improve their own internal customer acquisition processes. Red Spot Interactive (RSI) allows these advertisers to implement a platform that provides complete ROI information for their clients’ Google initiatives along with understanding their client’s ability to effectively convert leads into sales. “Through our SaaS platform, CIOs can help their marketing and sales operations teams to objectively understand their exact ROI per marketing channel,” says Jason Tuschman, President and Co-founder of RSI. “Our technology boils down the marketing and customer acquisition process to simple objective key performance indicators based on client revenue. When desired we also provide all the necessary professional services in addition to our ROI Analytics Platform and automated suite of customer retention technology.” After managing over 1,000 local online and offline advertising campaigns across 200+ clients in every major market in the country, RSI concludes that, next to customer referrals, Google’s organic website traffic is the largest opportunity for profitable new customer acquisition.

RSI has also integrated Google’s search trends data so that its advertisers can understand if there is a macro-economic impact occurring that is impacting revenue one way or another. An example of this would be the seasonality impact on the amount of consumer searches within a vertical or decreased lead conversion rates occurring during the same time.“Utilizing Google’s search trend data within the RSI platform allows our technology to understand advertisement issues related to macro-economic trends that cannot be controlled by the advertisers, but impact ROI performance in some way,” adds Tuschman. “RSI’s platform has generated over $50,000,000 in new customer revenue for less than 200 local advertisers across the country.”

We boil down and optimize the customer acquisition process by understanding simple key performance indicators associated with client marketing, ROI, and lead to sale conversion processes

RSI has developed its ROI-driven customer acquisition and retention platform based on its history of developing customer acquisition programs for Progressive® Auto Insurance, Geico®, Netflix, and other national leaders in direct marketing. “The customer acquisition process is an innate mathematical formula,” explains Tuschman. “The customer acquisition formula is the same for all business, RSI simply allows it to be measured and optimized through integration of data and business systems along with simple to understand ROI reporting and marketing automation.” Their proprietary technology and services combine all critical transaction points for marketing and sales conversion rate optimization into one single reporting platform. As well they provide an entire automated customer retention suite that increases the rate and volume of repeat customer transactions for its clients.

Here is an example illustrating RSI’s expertise. Dr. David Goldberg—a NJ-based dermatologist— witnessed a 120 percent increase in monthly new patient transactions from his website, growing monthly revenue from $13,000 to $54,000 a month in one year. He also saw a 326 percent annual ROI from his Google organic website traffic with over $392,000 in gross profits from new customer lifetime value during the first 13 month period with RSI. RSI plans to become the turnkey leader for ROI driven customer acquisition and retention for local business advertisers. “RSI is the only single source solution for local advertisers to measure and optimize their marketing and customer acquisition process based on their exact ROI,” concludes Tuschman.

Red Spot Interactive

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Jason Tuschman, President & Co-founder

Providing a SaaS-based integrated marketing and customer acquisition platform for local advertisers to optimize and maximize ROI from their online and offline marketing channels

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