Redline Communications: Boosting Secure Network Connectivity

Robert Williams, CEO
We know taking the bus can get you from A to B, and we know the purpose of the bus is to carry people. But when you need to take pets, groceries or luggage, a bus may not be the best option. Utilities, Oil & Gas, Governments who need to carry mission-critical data that is safety related and time sensitive, are concerned with security, resiliency, and robustness along with performance, cost, and reliability. Not too long ago you needed billions of dollars to operate a communications network, but with the advances in technology and greater availability of parts, the cost of ownership is now a fraction of what it once was, putting it into the hands of small enterprises.

We have seen a large increase in organizations looking for their own private dedicated networks to be deployed in areas that would freeze or overheat competitive equipment. “Offering a modular communications network that is designed to support our customer's operational procedures rapidly is academic for us. But making sure that our communication modules are able to support future operational processes at a lower cost, quicker time and more accurately than before, is an art,” says Robert Williams, CEO of Redline Communications.

“You hear it all the time, listen to your customers. Redline’s modular communications platforms offer about 80 percent of the solution, and working with our customers to layer our capabilities into their existing work processes brings the other 20 percent, enabling both parties to better understand how we can further strengthen our relationships and identify risks,” says Williams.

Markets change and processes need to reflect that change if you are to stay in business. Redline’s ClearView NMS management software, allows easy control, configuration, and monitoring of Redline assets. This simple mechanism is crucial to ensure we know when to make changes at a quicker time and a lower cost of change for our customers.

Over two decades, Redline has built strong relationships and carved a niche with Utilities, Oil & Gas, both onshore and offshore, Public Safety, and Defence by offering voice, data and video communications, which now span over 55 countries.

We assist our clients to support their current operational procedures and drive cost out of their business while offering greater accuracy

Redline designs, manufactures and supports its own communications modules for fixed and mobile communications, but also a large variety of endpoint devices that offer greater features. Over time we have made it a priority to ensure our platforms work even in the harshest conditions.

We understand our customers’ needs not to be vendor locked or contractually bound. Redline took this one step further and developed open standard platforms designed to integrate with legacy technology, so every ounce of resources could be used for our customers as they evolve.

Our clients in the Middle East had to rely upon satellite, narrowband, microwave and WiMAX technologies. Redline improved their situation by deploying a private network in the extreme environment, which got them operational in weeks, giving the client a considerable advantage.

The company’s Health, Safety and the Environment (HSE) policies and ISO 9001:2015 certification is unique for a technology company, which allows the team to better understand and document customer requirements, especially in the Oil & Gas and Mining sectors. “We are highly focused on quality and performance, as well as health and safety,” says Williams.

Redline is evolving our product lines to reflect our customer and market needs. We are developing MuLTEfire and CBRS technologies for our roadmaps and offering more and more courses for certification and education through Redline University. Redline has the most MBA/Ph.D. and advanced degrees, including professional memberships, per company employee ratio. We ensure our Global partners fully understand and utilize the benefits of the Redline platform. “We plan to expand and reinvent our technologies by offering our customers even more capabilities from our platform and to address new global markets,” concludes Williams.

Redline Communications

Markham, Ontario

Robert Williams, CEO

Designs and builds devices, PMP, Private Dedicated LTE pico and microcell wireless networks optimized for critical applications in the most challenging locations

Redline Communications