RedLine Performance Solutions: Demonstrating Value Derived from Performance

Carolyn Pasti, President & CEO
In today’s technology dependent business environment, organizations face challenges associated with effectively and efficiently processing, analyzing, and moving constantly increasing amounts of data. This is often coupled with shrinking budgets and delayed procurement of necessary systems, thereby requiring CIOs to deliver more with less. These challenges at the IT Manager level translate into users being faced with the task of scaling their applications to meet business demands on existing platforms. Because of these challenges, many IT managers are turning to outside resources to help them manage their systems but they often struggle to find a provider with the right skill set and knowledge.

RedLine Performance Solutions (RedLine), a HPC solutions provider based in Rockville, Maryland, can be a partner of choice to navigate these complex IT environments productively. That is because RedLine’s expertise and focus is in enabling customers to realize the maximum performance from their systems. With its proven methodologies, engineering objectivity and over two decades of experience in high performance computing (HPC) and massively parallel processing/storage in Unix environments, the company provides IT infrastructure management and technical support services to some of the world’s largest supercomputing sites.

“We believe, in many cases, customers are not fully leveraging the hardware and software they have purchased and are therefore leaving performance on the table. If this performance were fully realized, they would achieve the maximum ROI,” remarks Carolyn Pasti, President of RedLine. Therefore, the company’s operationally proven RedLine Performance Methodology (RPM) provides customers with the knowledge that they are deriving the most value out of their investment.

RPM includes tools, processes, procedures and best practices to establish performance baselines, facilitate systems tuning, implement performance data capture and archival, and strictly follow change management practices within the Systems Development Life Cycle. When fully implemented, RPM allows IT managers to understand their current requirements, as well as to project future ones.
RPM has empowered customers to achieve consistent performance, reliability, and greatly reduce MTTR (Mean Time To Repair). The company closely works with customers through their system life cycle from the initial planning stages, through requirements definition and solution design, to implementation, testing, operations, maintenance and training. Through RPM, RedLine customers have the information to evaluate each vendor’s solution based upon their own unique requirements.

In addition, RedLine enjoys numerous long-term alliances within the HPC vendor, data center, and cloud services communities. Formal partnerships include being named as a Certified IBM Business Partner, HP Business Partner, Amazon Web Services Business Partner and a DataSite Colocation Facility Partner. “RedLine is distinctly positioned as a world-class HPC system engineering services firm because our multi-vendor expertise enables us to objectively engineer solutions in the best interest of our customers,” declares Carolyn. “We are a services company first and foremost. We can and do re-sell hardware and software, but that is not a critical component of our business. It is more important to us to remain vendor neutral, to apply engineering objectivity in the interest of our customers,” says Carolyn.

We are distinctly positioned as a world-class HPC system engineering services firm as our multi-vendor expertise enables us to objectively engineer solutions in the best interest of our customers

RedLine also offers shared services for organizations that can benefit from subject matter expertise on a full-time or as needed basis. In addition, they are expanding their service model to “Enterprise” customers. “Non-HPC customers can benefit greatly from the implementation of RPM. All of the critical aspects of RPM can be applied to non-HPC environments,” concludes Carolyn.

RedLine Performance Solutions

Carolyn Pasti, President & CEO

Specializes in complex systems integration, from planning, designing, and implementation, to health assessments and performance tuning.