RedPixie: Transforming IT Environments for Commercial Success

Simon Bullers, CEO
Recent changes in the technology industry around devices and mobility, as well as cloud computing has delivered a business opportunity to enhance productivity whilst driving down costs. In recent years, businesses have been on a run to maximize profits with minimum technology investment. This is where RedPixie makes its play; transforming IT environments and helping customers catch up with the technology pace to improve profitability and productivity.

In an attempt to give an insight into the company’s viewpoint, a former cloud pioneer with an entrepreneurial mind-set, Simon Bullers, CEO of RedPixie says, “More than just technology, we focus on business outcomes and successes that improve the technology experience whilst saving money in the long run.” Headquartered in London, UK, RedPixie guarantees commercial success with a minimal investment in technology through intelligent solutions that optimize the customers’ business processes.

The company focuses on changing IT environments so that it amplifies their customers working capability. RedPixie has a certified partnership with Microsoft. The company provides solutions based on a combination of insight, innovation, and deep knowledge of the subject matter—backed by tools, methodologies, and best practices. RedPixie brings a wealth of industry experience to the challenge of adopting modern technology in a way that works for the business. With a growing cloud and More than just technology, we focus on what is deliverable that would bring our clients success while saving money End User Computing practice, underpinned by its products and tools, RedPixie is well placed to build and deliver transformational IT strategies that are welcomed by business consumers.RedPixie’s newly launched self-service product, uDo, reduces IT operational costs and improves employee productivity, through smart automation, and by moving certain pre-agreed “self-service” control back to the end-user business community.

It empowers users and enhances their experience by allowing the business teams to do their own IT by installing software directly from the approved business catalog. It allows users to manage the user accounts of their own teams and to gain real time insights into the organization, and shows how its organizational hierarchy is set up and how they consume commodity IT services. Redi2Go is another RedPixie product that underpins any large end user transition project, allowing the project teams involved to tightly govern and track business change activities, specifically in the EUC domain.

RedPixie differentiates itself from the competition through a unique approach of specifying the target that would allow the client to either undergo business transformation or save money or both. The company employs an effective marketing strategy that helps the clients to arrive at the desired business result.

Bullers outlines the company’s ideology and functionality and says, “Our company is employee-focused and everyone in the company is encouraged to arrive at an intelligent market strategy. Moreover, our services are not fragmented; it engages the entire company with its customers to get the final outcome.”

Bullers foresees the potential future of RedPixie, its expansion across countries and says, “We are expanding into Europe, North America and hopefully into Asia. We plan to spread to Hong Kong in the next four months and in China by 2015.” He adds, “We would like to be a lead example in cloud migration for our growing customer base.”

More than just technology, we focus on what is deliverable that would bring our clients success while saving money


London, UK

Simon Bullers, CEO

Assisting businesses work efficiently with low investment through cloud-based solutions