RedSky IT: Software To Avert The Tediousness In Construction Projects

Mike Aspinwall, CEO
Founded in 1976 and headquartered in Hemel Hempstead, RedSky IT offers industry focused operational and accounting software to each part of the construction and AEC Professional Services industry. The firm’s products help manage every process of a construction project from designing and building to maintaining.

RedSky IT’s wide range of software meets many distinctive requisites of businesses within the supply chain. The company supplies financial and operational software to startup contractors to multi-national consulting engineers. The construction software of the firm addresses all elements of business processes from estimating to financial management on contracts and projects, time and fee billing to content and knowledge management.
The company offers a choice of database platforms Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle. The software products are developed in the most up to date technology and the products are modern user friendly applications. Each year the company updates construction accounting software due to changes with tax and other industry legislation as well as improvements in technology and functionality; this makes RedSky IT distinctive from its competitors. The firm is enriched with wide range of customers from architects, consulting engineers, main contractors, civil engineers, and specialist subcontractors.

The innovative software solutions, complemented with expert teams, provide confidence and help the customers surpass all sorts of hurdles. The whole construction business process from design and job costing through to invoicing and servicing are made simpler and more effectual by the industry-leading software provided by the firm.

RedSky IT

Hemel Hempstead, Herts

Mike Aspinwall, CEO

Provides operational and accounting software to each part of the construction industry