Reevoo: Harnessing Customer Voice, A New Wave of Marketing

Jonathan Callcut, CEO
The overwhelming popularity of the Internet drastically influenced the relationship between a customer and a brand in the automotive industry in the early 2000s. Today any product purchase, be it simple soap or an expensive car, is not only driven by brand loyalty. Now buyers are more prone to collecting product information and specifications and comparing them with other competitive brands on the go. The Internet and technological advancements have transformed the Automotive’s oligopoly market into a highly competitive open marketplace. “Automotive brands have realized that customers are impatient. So brands need to have all the information that customers want available at their finger-tips and provide them with easy access to it,” says Jonathan Callcut, CEO, Reevoo. The Software-as-a- Service firm collects independent and unbiased user-generated content on behalf of brands, allowing transparent communication between a brand and the shopper. “Reevoo helps to harness the voice of the customer to inject trust and buyer confidence across the multichannel purchase journey,” extols Callcut.

As a third party content and review service provider, Reevoo focuses on customer loyalty and lifetime value of a customer. Their flagship offering is their Ratings and Reviews service. “In a nutshell we encourage customers to share their opinions for a particular brand, which has a massive impact on website traffic,” says Callcut. The increasing number of unbiased user-generated reviews can also change a brand’s position in internet search rankings. “We have seen, if Ratings and Reviews are there on a site, people tend to spend five to six times longer and visit about four times more pages than normal. It’s a huge increase in customer engagement,” says Callcut.
Reevoo has extended its product offering to include Conversations and Experiences. The former, a real-time conversation building solution assists potential customers to initiate a dialogue and ask questions to the brand’s current customers, enhancing the marketing value. The latter, a content collection tool, where customers can share their experiences and opinions through all forms of rich media, facilitates the purchasing decision of potential customers. “We ensure customers can talk to each other without any interference, and we help manufacturers by facilitating and collecting invaluable content streams that improve their SEO,” shares Callcut. Reevoo also smoothens a customer’s purchasing journey by reviewing dealerships, test driving experience, and internal elements like car engines.

The reason behind Reevoo’s market success lies in their editorial policy, where the company shares only unedited, unbiased user content to the merchants regardless of it being negative or positive. Based on this benchmark trust, Reevoo has spread its wings to over 60 countries and over 30 languages. As an instance of success, Reevoo’s first Automotive customer, London based car manufacturer KIA wanted to improve their market share. They also decided to showcase the user-generated content in their national ad campaigns for further knowledge about their cars and customer stories. Within a very short period, it increased their website traffic, test drives and sales.

For the next financial year, Reevoo is planning to gain momentum with their new Experiences solution. They are also looking forward to expanding their reach in North America.


London, UK

Jonathan Callcut, CEO

Provides an independent and unbiased user-generated content collection platform to trusted global brands

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