Refteck Solutions: The Global Supply Chain Management Specialist

Nitin C Shah, CEO
Refteck Solutions is an end-to-end procurement and supply chain management company that delivers high-quality utility equipment for global organizations across industries, with a unique expertise and experience in the highly regulated oil and gas refinery industry. Given the complex nature of the oil and gas business dominated by integrated technologies and equipments built on design engineering, Refteck’s resilient, flexible, and technology-driven strategy is a panacea for the procurement challenges in the industry. A procurement solutions specialist with a deep-networked supply chain expertise, Refteck has a services-first mindset to address the end-to-end procurement and supply chain needs of its clients globally.

“We turn challenges into opportunities for our clients; and we deliver results beyond their expectations,” says Nitin C. Shah, the CEO of Refteck Solutions. “We are 100 percent IT-enabled and constantly refining our approach to provide an unparalleled experience to our clients.” Ever since its inception ten years ago, the organization is led by Shah, a mechanical engineer who found his true calling in software engineering.

Refteck Solutions streamlines the entire procurement process for its clients with the help of their robust software solution, intuitively designed to reduce manual intervention. The solution receives the client purchase order and provides the sourcing of the equipment, accounting, and the logistics. It is continuously updated and secured using a cloud-based technology, allowing the team to access data from multiple locations. “Our robust IT solution is capable of handling large procurement requests from our clients on a daily basis,” says Shah.

It is the customer-centric business model that has allowed Refteck to win more customers, from various industries—including manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, automotive, and mining. The company fosters a team of experts who are consistently trained to align with the evolving needs of the clients in multiple geographies.

We turn challenges into opportunities for our clients; and we deliver results beyond their expectations

Its sourcing team understands the needs of its clients and utilizes the expertise and in-house technology to identify the particular manufacturer that has the required utility equipment, to complete the sourcing process. The logistics team of Refteck is responsible for maintaining client relationships by ensuring the correct material is well packed and delivered on time. Refteck adheres to a strict policy that ensures the quality equipment is delivered to the client in a cost effective manner. It keeps track of the progress of every shipment on a daily basis in order to deliver on-time fulfillment.

In an instance, one of Refteck’s clients had a particular challenge relating to a piece of equipment that labeled barcodes on the production line. The problem escalated to a critical extent such that the matter has to be resolved quickly. When Refteck’s team entered the scene, they analyzed the requirement of the client and used their software solution to zero in on the supplier that had necessary equipment in stock. From the time of receiving the clients purchase to sourcing and finally shipping the product, the delivery was completed in a span of 48 hours. This not only rectified the problem immediately but also left the client spellbound.

Refteck is in the process of enhancing its software by rolling out an updated version which will enable its clients to log in, track their orders, and prioritize them in case of an urgency all through the system. With offices located in U.S, U.K, Germany, Canada, and India, Refteck is focused to reach out to more customers and become a force to reckon in the highly complex and dynamic industry verticals.

Refteck Solutions

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Nitin C Shah, CEO

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Refteck Solutions