REI Systems: Developing Innovative Cloud Solutions for Government

CIO VendorWagish Bhartiya, Practice Manager
In today's fast-paced world of technological change, Federal and State CIOs are encountering numerous challenges. Simultaneously achieving more with less budget while activating new technology platforms for modernizing legacy applications is today’s public sector CIO’s mandate. In order to help optimize the operations of both Federal and State & Local governments, REI Systems, a long-standing implementation partner of, is progressively working with CIOs across the public sector to address the next frontier of challenges with customized solutions on the Salesforce platform.

Headquartered in Sterling, VA, REI Systems is utilizing the Salesforce platform to modernize legacy applications – some of which are still paper-based – and boost productivity and effectiveness through automation and data centralization. REI offers web-enabled solutions to simplify the complex operations of government agencies. By focusing on mobility, social collaboration, and business-process automation, REI Systems is providing both configured and custom solutions that are well equipped to meet the unique needs of the industry as it wrestles with ever more demanding citizens.

REI has pushed the bounds of the platform through the development of enterprise-level cloud applications that solve real government problems. “One aspect of our Salesforce practice is cloud application development. We combined our 20+ years of grants management domain knowledge with our expertise in Salesforce development to build an application called GovGrants. GovGrants fundamentally alters how agencies will manage the flow of grant dollars in the future through better tracking, more accurate reporting, and workflow automation. Not to mention GovGrants will save government money,” states Wagish Bhartiya, REI’s Salesforce Practice Manager. GovGrants offers easy configuration across the grants life cycle, business process automation, native collaboration between grantors and grantees, and instant mobility.
REI’s prior work with a large federal agency highlights the company’s consultative approach to Salesforce implementation projects. The agency engaged REI to address the challenges of facilitating collaboration between members of a geographically dispersed workforce. Building on Salesforce’s Chatter capability, REI’s solution enabled greater collaboration among users across the country, allowed for voting on grass root ideas, and facilitated agency mentors and educators to deliver training in a decentralized way. “We sat down with the customer team, identified their pain points, and eventually organized the entire solution on a social collaboration platform by building user groups and employing social media-like tools to collaborate across devices and locations. This multitude of engagement options helped their employees communicate more frequently and seamlessly,” shares Bhartiya.

As a leading Salesforce partner, REI works shoulder-to-shoulder with its customers to deliver the best solutions for mission critical applications. “We pride ourselves on developing solutions to address the most complex and challenging issues in government. Salesforce is only a technology platform, it needs to be manipulated to fit our customers’ exact needs, and that is what we do best. We offer full-service implementation support: starting with requirements gathering, to solution design, from development, to testing, and until deployment,” says Bhartiya. Constant training on Salesforce best practices, ongoing learning about technology changes, and maintaining an ‘always do what’s best for the customer’ mindset are some of the key strategies REI follows to stay ahead in the market.

Heading into 2015, REI aims to grow rapidly its Salesforce portfolio. “We have exponentially expanded our team with business analysts, developers and managers to meet the growing needs of government,” affirms Bhartiya. He has positioned REI Systems to grow across two dimensions. The first dimension is through supporting agencies looking to modernize their applications through a combination of custom-built products as well as targeted implementation services to drive value. Second, Bhartiya is planning to have REI expand its geographic horizon to become an international firm with presence in both developed and developing government sectors. REI’s strong record of accomplishment, positive word of mouth, and frequent customer referrals are fueling its position as the go-to Salesforce partner for public sector.

REI Systems

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Wagish Bhartiya, Practice Manager

REI builds transformative web-enabled solutions to manage complex business processes for government.