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. As the media landscape exploded with new digital channels and platforms over the past 20 years, new marketing and communications firms rose to the challenge, breaking through the clutter to not only reach but also engage and mobilize clients’ target audiences wherever they were. Reingold emerged as a leader in digital marketing by identifying and deploying the most efficient technologies and tactics to make a meaningful, measurable impact on audience perceptions and behaviors—all while connecting people to the information and services they need. At Reingold, the goal is to help clients that do good do well.

Forging Connections with Target Audiences

Reingold’s success is the product of more than three decades of experience finding creative ways to meet its clients’ goals. “We have deep roots working with mission-driven organizations that need to make the most of every dollar spent on communications and technology,” says Micah Markman, Reingold’s VP of data and platforms. “We have always found the most cost-effective solutions that can still help our clients succeed.”

While mega-firms can afford to launch multimillion-dollar broadcast media campaigns to saturate the market and tally audience impressions, Reingold had to work smart on behalf of its clients. The firm pinpoints priority target audiences and then delivers the right message to the right people at the right time—through the communications channels they rely on the most.

Until the early 2000s, that often meant creating ambassador programs and forging partnerships with trusted intermediaries to spread the word. But as the digital revolution accelerated, partners Kevin Miller, Joseph Ney, and Jack Benson seized the chance to optimize marketing online. Kevin scouted for opportunities among Federal agencies, associations, and private sector entities; Joseph helped develop creative messaging and content; and Jack forged partnerships with technology leaders, becoming an original member of Google’s Public Sector Advisory Council. The firm’s digital team mastered the art and science of delivering client messaging where audiences gather on the web, empowering organizations and businesses of all sizes to make the transition to digital channels and ultimately programmatic, connected TV, and online video experiences.

We’ve done a good job of helping clients migrate to new digital channels like search, social media, and connected TV,” says Markman. “We create an integrated plan that delivers more results and more trackability than they’d been getting historically from advertising on broadcast television and other traditional media.”

Building Expertise Through Public Sector Campaigns

While marketing innovations often take hold in the private sector and later make their way into public sector advertising, Reingold’s groundbreaking digital work occurred in some of the largest federal government campaigns.

For more than 10 years, Reingold has worked with U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to reduce the stigma that some veterans associate with mental health challenges and to normalize help-seeking among the military and veteran community.

We propel customers toward a digital-first approach and carefully curate creative content for every placement and platform to foster a cohesive feel that improves the brand

The firm created a Facebook page that became the fastest-growing community in the government space, using targeted paid media to boost posts featuring veterans’ authentic stories of recovery from mental illness. The campaign connects veterans and family members with online resources, information, and tools and has encouraged millions to access a locator for mental health care.

More recently, Reingold served as the lead digital marketing agency for the 2020 Census Integrated Communications Campaign to increase self-response rates for the first-ever digital census—with the goal of reaching more than 99% of U.S. adults. Reingold’s $126 million digital advertising spend accounted for 36% of the total media buy (a dramatic increase over digital spending in the 2010 campaign) but delivered 91% of all media impressions. Using available data on response likelihood, at a ZIP code level, in addition to other media consumption and demographic and behavioral data, Reingold’s digital marketing team developed targeted plans for reaching both broad and specific hard-to-count audiences through the right channel with the right message and creative visuals.

At every stage, the campaign’s results surpassed forecasts—despite the extraordinary challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic preventing the full execution of door-to-door canvassing to supplement the count. The census counted 99.98% of all households, and 67 percent responded without the help of census takers— exceeding the Census Bureau’s goal for online responses.

Embracing the Challenge of Constraints

While encouraging federal agencies to use cost-effective digital channels, Reingold also needed to help them navigate privacy restrictions and connect with audiences without using cookies. Now that those restrictions extend to all online advertising in a cookie-free world, Reingold is bringing that knowledge to the private sector, expanding its work in the health care, entertainment, and manufacturing sectors. “Our experience working with very privacy-conscious organizations like the federal government and health care providers prepared us well for the world of increasing privacy concerns and regulations that all marketers now face,” says Erin Damour, vice president of digital marketing.

“We're trying to help all of our clients with the ongoing evolution of privacy, showing them how to build their own data sets, and also how to leverage industry resources like Google who have massive first-party data sets,” Damour says. “We continually adjust how we can help our clients tell stories with impact and measure the effectiveness of their communications in a world where it’s becoming harder to do that.”

Measuring Results to Maximize Impact

Reingold’s customer-centric approach begins with understanding exactly then defining measurable goals, target audiences, performance metrics, and the right mix of channels and tactics.
Strategic media plans leverage various channels and sequence the delivery of messaging, graphics, and videos for maximum effect. As Markman notes, “We propel customers toward a digital-first approach and carefully curate creative for every placement and platform to foster tailored messaging that improves the brand.”

“Our firm is dedicated to helping organizations that do good do well”

But this robust media plan is just the beginning; Reingold constantly analyzes the performance of advertisements on various channels to build on the creative content and tactics that elicit the strongest audience response and modify or eliminate those that don’t.

“It is essential for our clients—be it a large federal outreach campaign or an important website with a defined and limited audience such as the NFL Life Line—to plan and manage their media responsibly,” says Erin Damour, Reingold’s VP of digital marketing. “With today’s technologies, we can help them understand where their ads truly are having an effect. The impression used to be the gold standard in media, but we move our clients beyond impressions and show how are people actually engaging with our campaigns, our resources, and our content, taking desired actions that indicate desired outcomes. We focus on indicators of behavior change, like website conversions, application starts, and resource utilization.”

“We understand how important it is to plan and manage media responsibly through the use of the technologies available to support our clients’ missions,” Damour says. “This could include brand safety measures to make sure that we're helping our clients understand where their advertisements are and aren’t showing, or through targeting, making sure that we're spending money on the right target audiences and not wasting money on irrelevant audiences. We've put a big focus on responsible media and ensuring that we're maximizing ROI and doing that smartly in a way that allows our clients to show results to their key stakeholders.”

Nurturing the Next Generation

As Reingold’s success fuels continuous growth, the firm takes pride in building a team that is both intellectually and emotionally invested in its clients’ work. “People are attracted to Reingold because of our social impact,” says Damour. Beyond the opportunity to achieve marketing goals, Reingold employees enjoy the satisfaction of helping clients promote a meaningful mission and deliver information and resources that change people’s lives for the better.

At the same time, new employees learn from leaders in their field. “Growth within Reingold is entirely focused on mentoring and coaching,” says Markman. Senior strategists, developers, designers, and creative content leads guide their teams in creating data-based campaigns that drive measurable results. This combination of internal growth opportunities and getting to work on passion projects has enabled Reingold to keep more of their talent that most agencies and enabled Reingold to offer customers the long-standing relationships that lead to the best client outcomes and experiences. These collaborations then surface emerging technologies and tactics in a virtuous cycle that keeps Reingold at the forefront of digital innovation.

As digital marketing continues its rapid advance, all of Team Reingold relishes the challenge of excelling in a highly competitive marketplace. Even junior staff embrace the firm’s action-oriented mantra: “It’s a great day to achieve.”




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