Reinvently: Reinventing Businesses with Smart Mobile Applications

Artem Petrov, CEO
Mobile applications have become a necessity for most businesses to accelerate growth and increase customer loyalty. The challenge for these companies is to design the right mobile app that both attracts prospects and retains customers, then test market traction of those products via minimum viable products (MVP) to improve them for market success. Based in Palo Alto, CA, Reinvently specializes in partnering with startups and large organizations to create beautiful and smart mobile applications. Since 2010, it has used a unique delivery process involving client-driven strategy, user-centric design, and rapid development to ensure clients can easily test and evolve their mobile products—and get to market quickly, successfully and cost-effectively.

“We design and develop smart and beautiful apps to reinvent your business,” states Artem Petrov, CEO of Reinvently. The company’s user-centric design approach focuses on merging each client’s market strategy with best-in-class user experience to create beautiful, functional product design. Then, each app is developed and delivered using Reinvently’s agile development process, designed around honest and transparent customer reporting and feedback.

While Reinvently’s expertise spans many verticals, its strengths reside in apps for healthcare, music, finance, IoT, and wearables. Creating beautiful on-demand apps to connect buyers to sellers is another specialty. Reinvently’s proprietary on-demand platform lets it build those apps faster and with higher quality, and its expertise in data science and machine learning empowers businesses to transition from traditional business models and join the Data Economy.

Reinvently’s comprehensive service packages allow clients to select the services that best fit their requirements and budget. They include Product Design, MVP Development, Continuous Product Development, and even Mobile Strategy Workshops for companies trying to define their app requirements prior to design.

Continuous Product Development is an important service to many clients who have released mobile apps to market. A client simply communicates its non-technical business needs to Reinvently, which handles the complete project and product management, design and development of that client’s app and its features.

We design and develop smart apps to reinvent your business

Continuous Product Development allows a company to focus on managing its business roadmap, gaining the benefits of Reinvently’s expertise in mobile design and technology to update products as market needs evolve. The result is a true product partnership, with benefits including faster feature rollout, better user experience, higher quality, and lower TCO.

Petrov recounts Reinvently’s partnership with, a San Francisco-based subscription service for streaming and downloading live concert performances. It started in 2014 with the creation of an easy to use mobile application platform to work alongside the successful web service. Reinvently worked closely with to design and test its UI/UX, then developed their applications for iOS and Android devices to offer a superior mobile experience.

With Continuous Product Development, partners with Reinvently to analyze and improve conversion and retention, as well as quickly and easily add features and new types of content. Reinvently also updated the app design as the market and service evolved. The apps now offer downloads, webcasts, gapless streaming, and in-app purchases of music and video content. A recent update added Master Quality Authenticated (MQA) playback to the iOS version, a new technology that offers dramatically superior audio quality.

To enable more intimate collaboration with clients, Reinvently has opened a new office in Dallas, TX and has plans for further expansion throughout the United States. With its skills in delivering beautiful and functional design, time-tested rapid development methodology, and emphasis on transparent communication, Reinvently continues to steer enterprise and startup businesses toward market success.


Palo Alto, CA & Dallas, TX

Artem Petrov, CEO

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