Relayware: Enabling Companies to Partner Up and Accelerate Sales Growth

Robert Mann, Executive Chairman
Initially, it was the advent of the Internet that created a whole new way for companies to connect and communicate with disparate channel partners. Then the era of smartphones and tablets dawned, and technology suppliers had to bring their partners easy and immediate access to information on demand. Today, as more businesses adopt cloud-based applications, a new wave of data and information is growing that provides businesses with new business insights they never thought was possible. Relayware sees an enormous untapped opportunity to capture, analyze and act on the insights of company's partner ecosystem, which can drive channel performance and accelerate their revenue growth.

Unlike ever before, the intersection of cloud, mobile, social and analytics is allowing companies to better enable their business partners, motivate them, and drive additional growth through them. It is not a hidden fact that 70 percent of organizations sell through a distribution network. Companies of all sizes are faced with two main challenges. They need to increase the size of their channel without increasing the cost to manage it and make their current partners perform better. Relayware’s partnering automation solution has made it straightforward for vendors to be collaborative with their partners and therefore sell more products.

For most organizations, the gateway to their partners is via a partner portal, and with Relayware a company can customize their partner portal to address the needs and goals of their program. Relayware’s Partner Sales Pack lets a partner register a deal, configure a product and get a recommendation for an end-customer. Relayware’s Marketing Pack enables communications management, co-branding and MDF to work together to drive more business. The company’s training application ensures that partners are getting exactly the right type of training and certification for their role.

Relayware’s suite of partnering applications run on its Partner Cloud, the underlying platform that powers the Packs with a common partner database, content repository and business rules engine. Partner Cloud integrates with virtually any major CRM system, such as, and provides rich data on how partners can engage with a vendor’s sales and marketing departments. Further, it has a sophisticated business rules engine that can automatically trigger events and provide assisted selling to partners at the right point in the sales cycle.
Even if a company is relying on another application to push productivity in the channel, Partner Cloud has an API connector that can connect to that third party application and pull data to deliver full visibility and control.

“Relayware’s particular strength is working with vendors who have developed partner networks and who sell relatively complex products. In these more complicated networks, Relayware helps companies automate partner processes,” said Relayware Executive Chairman Bob Mann.

Relayware’s particular strength is working with vendors who have developed partner networks and who sell relatively complex products. In these more complicated networks, Relayware helps companies automate partner processes

The global technology company Lenovo has been using Relayware for a long time now to streamline its internal, partner, service engineer, and public customer training. Since Lenovo has accelerated their partner program with Relayware, they have manifested a consistent growth in their market share, something they attribute to channel effectiveness. Also, with Relayware, Lenovo has doubled the number of sales and service partners in the last two years with virtually no increase in program cost.

Relayware’s innovation will continue as it will make its applications even more configurable and dashboards more flexible, so executives can manage even more of their channel KPIs and monitor the total health of their partner programs. Relayware will also continue to invest more in analytics to deliver deeper insights, empowering vendors to improve their partnerships and levitate the revenue growth.


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Robert Mann, Executive Chairman

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