Reliam: Optimizing Cloud Environments

Simon Anderson, CEO
Over the last few years, the adoption of public cloud strategies over other traditional forms of IT infrastructure has been on the rise. Greater scalability, improved performance, expanded geographic reach, better and faster access to resources, and cost savings are driving this shift toward the cloud. However, many businesses migrating to the public cloud lack the expertise required to deploy cloud services and really leverage them to the fullest. This is why organizations turn to channel partners for assistance in cloud migration and optimization. With more than 16 years of experience managing mission-critical, market-facing solutions, Reliam—an AWS managed service partner—delivers operational excellence and expert guidance on cloud services while leveraging industry-leading SLAs, strategies, and tools. “We support customers who want to take full advantage of the flexibility, cost effectiveness, and scalability offered by public clouds like AWS—and we will continue to invest in the tools, solutions architects, engineers and AWS partner ecosystem to further improve what we offer,” begins Simon Anderson, CEO, Reliam. The company’s solutions simplify complex cloud technologies and enable rapid migration to the cloud for organizations of all types and sizes, and across different industries.

Reliam began its journey as an application solution provider delivering high-performance applications to large media events. It has since evolved to remain at the forefront of IT best practices by offering consulting and managed cloud service solutions. By continuously pushing the boundaries of technological innovation, Reliam has built up a robust portfolio of solutions that deliver exceptional results to clients through innovative use of cloud technology. All of Reliam’s employees are AWS certified and are adept at guiding businesses through their cloud journeys by implementing AWS best practices. Reliam’s best-in-class approach to AWS managed services also ensures that the workloads, applications, and websites adhere to the strictly defined standards, configurations, and controls that organizations require. By taking a collaborative approach and performing in-depth assessments, Reliam delivers solutions that consistently meet clients’ varying needs.

We support customers who want to take full advantage of the flexibility, cost effectiveness, and scalability offered by public clouds like AWS

These assessments help identify potential issues, analyze them, and provide a comprehensive solution that leverages proven strategies, improves cloud-based architectures, cuts down on costs, and helps clients better understand the business impact of their decisions going forward.

Validating the efficacy of Reliam’s cloud consulting and managed services, Anderson notes how the company was able to slash a large toy manufacturer’s operating expense (OPEX). Reliam provided optimization strategies and limited all kinds of potential obstacles that could affect the client’s customers and core business. As a follow-up, Reliam also helped the toy manufacturer manage the cost optimization of its entire AWS infrastructure and achieve the best possible ROI. “We helped the client reduce its monthly AWS billing by more than 35 percent, which reduced monthly OPEX spending by 29 percent,” said Anderson.

In addition to delivering managed and consulting services, Reliam also offers expert guidance on all aspects of cloud hosting services, DevOps, full-stack automation, configuration management, CodeDeploy automation, cost optimization, security, and support services. In the days to come, Reliam is focusing on expanding its vertical depth and capability into healthcare, life sciences, and financial services, and will enhance the delivery of its SaaS application. The company is also hoping to grow its team and expand geographically. “This will add to our capabilities from a service delivery standpoint and be beneficial for AWS, our customers, and our business,” concludes Anderson.


Los Angeles, CA

Simon Anderson, CEO

An AWS managed service provider that delivers operational excellence and expert guidance on all kinds of cloud services while leveraging industry-leading SLAs, strategies, and tools