Reliant: Empowering Workforce through Innovative Talent Management Solutions

Chris Wright, Co-Founder, CEO
Chris Wright, Founder, President, and CEO of Reliant, is an avid runner who has trained for and run several marathons over the years. Wright believes that steering a company to success is much like running a marathon. “It requires dedication and perseverance. In any task, you will experience success and failure, but the important aspect is to lace up your shoes and keep running,” he asserts. Wright’s determination and passion spurred the conception of Reliant—a provider of innovative talent management solutions. Reliant is on a mission to enable companies to deliver a seamless employee experience across all interactions and touch points.

The company has designed its integrated talent management system to deliver a seamless employee experience by providing access to a variety of training, learning, performance and development opportunities. It also includes real-time dashboards that track key talent metrics, and a mobile- friendly, responsive software experience. Reliant works predominantly with multi-unit companies. “Traditionally, our clients’ industries have struggled to retain employees. We help them improve retention by engaging employees through learning and development, performance feedback, and opportunities for succession and advancement,” explains Wright.

With our solutions, clients will reduce turnover, improve retention, and create a pipeline of internal leadership talent

Reliant believes that the best employees are those that a company already has. Wright highlights that most companies lose their best talent because they don’t have the process and tools in place to engage employees. “With Reliant’s solutions, clients will reduce turnover, improve retention, and create a pipeline of internal leadership talent,” he ascertains.

Within the talent management system, Reliant has three core modules including Learning Management, Performance Management, and Succession Management.
The Learning Management module allows clients to create tailored training and learning plans for their employees designed to fit diverse learning styles. Whereas, Performance Management module allows customers to create, schedule, and administer performance reviews and deliver real-time feedback to employees. In the Succession Management module, “We provide managers access to scorecards and dashboards for tracking employee performance and help them identify high performers and fast track them to their next promotion,” says Wright.

Reliant also launched two new modules last year—social collaboration and knowledge base. The social collaboration module enables clients to create work¬groups that encourage collaboration in a social environment to drive creativity and innovation. Meanwhile, the knowledge base provides the place for companies to upload and organize company documents and make those available to employees. Reliant also has experienced consultants who work with clients to create innovative talent strategies. “One of our core values is that technology is not the only answer. We help our clients to build an effective talent strategy to ensure a strong return-on-investment (ROI),” says Wright.

Over the years, the company has used its end-to-end talent management solution to deliver exceptional ROI for its clients. Using Reliant’s solutions, Love’s Travel Stops and Country Stores—one of the largest privately held gas retail companies in the U.S.—reduced turnover, improved retention, lowered external recruiting costs, and accelerated return on investment.
Moving ahead, Reliant aims to be at the forefront in terms of engaging employees using mobile technology.

“Employees are increasingly using their smartphones for more job-related activities and we are addressing this need by implementing cutting-edge mobile technology,” adds Wright. The company recently released ‘gamification’ functionality within their performance management solutions that enable employees to earn reward points for high performance and exchange them for fun and innovative products.


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Chris Wright, Co-Founder, CEO and James Nelsen, Co-Founder, CIO; Herb Oven, Jr., Co-Founder

A provider of innovative talent management solutions.