Remitter: The Frictionless blend of Intelligence, Functionality, and Ease of Use

Simon Scalzo, Founder
Consider your everyday, working-class John Doe coming in from a long day at work and just trying to pay his bills and mortgages on time. As dreary as this prospect may seem, a silver lining would be a system that could bring together all his due bills—especially the forgotten ones—to reprieve the burden of finding the right one to pay, while being simple enough to use (with say, two clicks of a button). Now, not only would this solution save the consumer from a lot of unnecessary frustration, but it would also save the company issuing the bill from sending out labor-intensive paper mails, which could get lost, or employ a call center service that calls the defaulter, only to have them never answer an unknown number.

Why not discard the hypothetical tone in the above scenario?

What if ‘could’ and ‘would’ are replaced by ‘can’ and ‘will’?

Remitter USA Inc.(“Remitter”), the company whose white-labeled SMS and email communication platform turns this ideality into a reality, utilizing an advanced AI stack to make life easier for both the consumer and the bill-issuer with just two clicks.

Not only does the AI adapt an optimize to each consumer, if consumers find themselves in a financial pinch and are unable to make an immediate payment, they are offered the liberty of adopting a plan that works for them. Notwithstanding these two quality-of-life features, they also can use the platform to connect to a call center or schedule an available call back without talking to anyone for additional help seamlessly.

And what if the consumer still fails to make the payment?

“Our AI-driven platform will track and analyze individual customer behavior to understand the best way to follow up,” quips Simon Scalzo, Founder of Remitter.

As a white-labeled platform, the mobile app feels familiar, originates from the brand that the consumer has engaged with and consumers are loyal to. The platform sends a link via a text message—under the same brand name—that leads to a page with no download requirements or clunky login portal. The page has two clear options of either paying immediately or creating a payment plan for a more suitable date. If the consumer chooses the ‘Pay Now’ option, they are redirected to a payment portal that pre-populates all required fields considering they have been filled out once before on their mobile device. The payment is made in quite literally, two taps of a button.
If the consumer is late on their payment due to a monetary crunch, they can create a payment plan to select an arrangement that debits the amount on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis on the day of choosing, for example paydays.

The AI powering the platform helps lenders understand their consumers better via behavioral analysis and creating unique profiles for every user. These profiles provided by the solution not only help enterprises in understanding the best times to send out the text messages, they also help in ensuring that messages have been translated to the individual’s preferred language settings on their phone. Further elaborating on this subtle yet pragmatic intelligence, Scalzo says, “Our solution tracks how each individual customer has interacted with the platform, understands which links have been clicked on and which are ignored, to create an assessment of the most appropriate way to engage with the customer.” To understand this better, consider a user who opens the payment link but does not proceed any further; there is no transition to the payment portal, payment plan creation, or a request filed for call center support. Remitter’s solution will recognize this behavior and incentivize the user to initiate a payment plan that goes easy on their wallet while not harming the creditor either.

Helping customers rather than bombarding them with messages, or impromptu call from a call center for overdue payments not only ensures consumer loyalty, it also improves enterprise revenue significantly.

To drive this point home, the performance of Remitter was assessed against legacy collection methods such as dialer calls and emails against a portfolio of 60,000 delinquent consumer contracts. The assessment was carried out over three months, where one half of the consumer base was contacted via traditional methods, and the other half received communications only from Remitter. Customers that were communicated via the Remitter platform were 2.81x more likely to make a payment than those contacted via calls and non-actionable SMS. Payments made through the platform totaled more than2x when compared to the control group total. Remitter’s clients have witnessed collection growths in payer rates of over 290 percent after switching to Remitter’s platform from traditional methods of paper and voice processes.

With the solution’s easy accessibility and user-friendly interface, it is easy to miss the complex AI that Remitter employs to pull its strings.

Making even the most challenging tasks seem like a walk in the park takes a certain level of professionalism, pizzazz, and passion. All of which flow strong within Remitter.


Tempe, AZ

Simon Scalzo, Founder

Remitter provides an intelligent recovery system that streamlines the recovery process with a cutting-edge digital platform enhanced by artificial intelligence. The company enhance clients’ customer’s experience and increases their recovery success, with a white-labeled software that easily integrates with their current processes. Remitter’s proprietary intelligence drives actionable insights, and automatically interacts with customers using branded messaging and interfaces, personalizing customer experience and streamlining their receivables process. Remitter takes the stress out of recoveries with a personalized experience that uses artificial intelligence to create an experience that resonates with each individual customer