REMTCS: Compelling HPC Propositions for High Level Computing

Richard E. Malinowski Founder & President
Richard E. Malinowski is a business and technology enthusiast who began his entrepreneurial journey in the early 90s. With over two decades of experience in managing Enterprise IT Strategy and Operations for companies spanning Financial Services, Biotech, and Software, Malinowski’s portfolio manifests incredible experience in consulting for Fortune 500/1000 companies in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. Following his passion for speed, security, and simplicity, Malinowski expanded REMTCS realizing the need for intelligent and cost effective integration for the surging HPC industry.

According to Malinowski, HPC consumers constantly push the limits of capacity and capability, and invest hugely on expensive infrastructure to address the ever increasing workload demands. Comprehending the emerging requirement of high level computing, REMTCS was devised and developed to bring superior products, to offer the best value propositions to clients.“Organizations perform complicated and sequenced algorithms but are precluded by either the costs associated with procuring the level of necessary computation, or those associated with the maintenance or scaling of existing platforms,” says Malinowski.

In the HPC arena, large structured and unstructured datasets, billions of threads, multi-core architectures, hybrid CPU/GPU models, and mobile/wireless networks induce complex algorithms. Malinowski and his team used his thought leadership to curb these types of challenges that require analysis and understanding of potential problems, while continuing to shape new HPC technologies for the future. Driven by his business proficiency and extensive guidance, REMTCS possesses a high level of in-house expertise in the HPC arena that addresses the subsisting issue of uneven HPC infra-cost and cluttered datasets.

Bringing HPC to Small Form Factor

Focused on the existing glitch in HPC propositions, Malinowski elucidates that traditional manufacturers produce HPC systems that implies an immense amount of power, cooling, and real estate. These elements come to bear when an organization plans to upgrade or scale up its existing platforms. “Traditionally, this has been addressed by merely adding nodes to clusters, which we believe is short sighted, as the follow on costs to power, cool, and house the additional hardware makes this approach unpalatable in the long term. We change the paradigm and cost structure by making our HPC products faster, smaller, with less power consumption to make the scaling proposition more cost effective for our customers,” asserts Malinowski. Following his thought, REMTCS has developed a special purpose HPC in a small form factor of 6”x4”x3.5”enclosure with TFLOP capabilities.

Artificial Intelligence: Proactive Credence

REMTCS encountered various challenges while navigating through its service competence due to the changing technological landscape. “When we developed our first generation of ProActive Security System (PASS), we discovered that the product became irrelevant after a few months of development, due to the changing technological scenario,” says Malinowski. Therefore, he decided to stop all other developments and refocus the company’s efforts on core Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies. Three years of hardcore dedication to perfect the company’s AI products did not discourage this entrepreneur from taking the risks—even upto self-funding every dollar invested.

Providing a substantial increase in performance over CPU based systems capable of sub-millisecond response times, Malinowski positions REMTCS’ HPC product line at the forefront of Artificial Intelligence (AI) design and practical application. He takes the same approach further and incorporates the company’s patented sequenced neural network clusters into state of the art HPC designs to provide the best value HPC to clients. “Our AI engine embedded into HPC runs in-memory computations, actively analyzing the task being undertaken just like the human brain. Also, the AI utilizes a DNA metagenomic variant approach to search and to remove unnecessary or inefficient calculations to complete the task many times faster than one could with raw cycles alone.” says Malinowski.

We change the paradigm and cost structure by making our HPC products faster, smaller, with less power consumption to make cost-effective scaling proposition for our customers

Moreover, he applies the company’s patented, in-memory AI engine to execute an algorithmic sequencing approach to solutions which eliminates unnecessary cycles along with its proprietary DNA database for the fastest access to the clients’ Big Data.

Influenced by his appealing considerations for AI, the firm engineered its HPC to make it specifically compatible for optimizing operational efficiency of ANNI—an Artificial Intelligence driven technology of REMTCS. “Every aspect of the HPC was built to give ANNI the most agile environment possible, and to supply the processing capability to build and enact upon a decision tree,” says Malinowski.

Unique Methodology for HPC Integrations

Malinowski’s shared vision is to help REMTCS’ customers attain a compelling HPC infrastructure. To illustrate, REMTCS assisted a U.S. defense contractor with its AI system in combating insider threats following the Edward Snowden event with the NSA. The firm applied its AI technology to analyze behavioral patterns for scrutinizing user interactions within the network to establish a baseline. Following that, the company created behavioral profiles for every employee and constantly monitored the access controls. “Abnormal behavior such as unusual resource access or excessive downloads is now reported to security management in real-time. It can be investigated in short order, before the data has an opportunity to leave the perimeter of the organization,” asserts Malinowski.

REMTCS’ unique approach of solving customers’ problems by introducing its AI, serves as the company’s core competence. “In the case of HPCs, we produce platforms with one of the highest compute densities in the market—currently over 8 TFLOPS per Unit of rack space, with improvements forthcoming. Leveraging a 56Gbps InfiniBand backplane with our proprietary Network Interface Controller (NIC) and microburst/multicast protocols significantly improves the performance,” says Malinowski.

Futuristic Prophecies

Malinowski’s entrepreneurial journey and the team’s vast experience have been of incredible importance for REMTCS’ success so far. “It is because of the diversity of these experiences that we were able to develop several AI based platforms. We’ve found a way of replicating our successes because of the obstacles placed in our path,” he says.

Recognizing the revolutionary benefits of REMTCS’ AI embedded HPC offerings, Malinowski expects to share this technology with key credible medical research organizations. “REMTCS is currently in discussions to provide four to five of our 18TFLOP QAEIII HPCs for several medical and research organizations,” he says.

As for the years ahead, Malinowski foresees REMTCS expanding its solutions for other verticals such as healthcare, weather modeling, vehicle and personal protection, and biosecurity, all based upon its core HPC and AI offerings. “All these solutions currently have provisional patents with many more to follow. We are also at the forefront of Small Form Factor HPCs,” Malinowski concludes.


Red Bank, NJ

Richard E. Malinowski Founder & President

Provides hardcore cost-effective HPC products with its patented artificial intelligence engine.