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Dr. Claudia E. Tatum, CEO
Remver Consulting is a veteran, woman, and minority-owned firm that helps design, implement, maintain, and enhance comprehensive pandemic, business continuity and IT disaster recovery programs. The company’s innovative and strategic solutions include pandemic planning, IT and cyber risk assessments, business impact analysis (BIA), business continuity, and IT disaster recovery plan development. Remver Consulting combines extraordinary strategic insight with an unmatched ability to execute through every stage of a client engagement. Further, the strength and success of the consulting firm come from the inclusion of people with different insights and experiences, which results in more creative and innovative solutions to clients’ business challenges. “As our client, you receive a comprehensive solution that informs and improves your overall strategy to deliver the best possible results,” says Dr. Claudia E. Tatum, CEO at Remver Consulting.

Dr. Tatum believes that in the event of pandemic influenza, businesses play a crucial role in protecting employees’ health and safety as well as limiting the negative impact to the economy and society. Against this backdrop, Remver Consulting is conducting Complimentary Pandemic Plan Reviews for businesses and are committed to preventing the spread of diseases, and educating businesses around the globe about pandemic preparedness, response, and recovery. Dr. Tatum contends how Remver Consulting’s complimentary Pandemic Plan Reviews is their way of payback to the communities and perfecting the world (Tikkun Olam - Repairing the World). “The very least we can do as an organization for Tikkun Olam is to review what organizations already have in place so that together, we can make this world a better and safer place to live,” she remarks.

Some of the top challenges Remver Consulting has seen in the cloud adoption are security, performance, compliance, lack of implementation and maintenance expertise, and obviously, cost. These challenges are imminent with Cloud System Infrastructure Services (Iaas), Cloud Application Services (SaaS), Cloud Business Process Services (BPaaS), and Cloud Application Infrastructure Services (PaaS). In these state-of-affairs, Remver Consulting provides its customers with highly experienced consultants having deep, broad expertise in network security expertise. Hence, from early-stage planning and trials of transformation to achieving organizational goals and beyond, they reap the benefits of over 57 years of combined experience and proven success to assist their customers in cloud adoption.

Remver Consulting understands that as globalization and real-time operations across the globe on a 24/7 basis will continue to grow, it will force enterprises to adapt to the new technological changes. They will unquestionably include cloud computing, consolidation of data centers, and virtualizing systems to keep up with the latest market demands and new cybersecurity challenges. Leveraging these trends, Remver Consulting is establishing strong partnerships with worldwide companies, providing Disaster Recovery as-a-service Solutions (DRaaS). At the same time, they also offer state of the art Cyber Security and Business Continuity tools to enable organizations to transform their risk and cybersecurity posture. They look forward to empowering every organization with the knowledge and tools they need to build cyber-resilient and business-resilient enterprises to stay ahead of risk and attackers.

As our client, you receive a comprehensive solution that informs and improves your overall strategy to deliver the best possible results

There are many significant consulting firms helping companies with risk assessment and business continuity solutions. There are millions of businesses in the U.S alone. Remver Consulting cannot help them all, but the clients that the company has helped, know that they are not in another interdependency. In other words, as a veteran, woman, and minority-owned business, Remver Consulting empowers enterprises to fight-or-flight (also called hyperarousal). The company envisions clients to respond to emerging risks with confidence, and they train them to do as such. When servers have been compromised, tornadoes or wildfires have taken buildings down, Remver Consulting wantsits clients to act because the time for planning, thinking, and analyzing has passed. “We envision an enterprise willing, able, and ready to strategically and successfully respond and recover with or without Remver Consulting’s help. When our clients are able to strategically, effortlessly, and successfully recover, we know we have done our job,” states Dr. Tatum. “We measure our success by the ability of our clients’ fast and efficient recovery during under both normal and adverse conditions,” she adds. Holding a doctorate in Organizational Development and Change, Dr. Tatum is always proactive by staying ahead of trends, and thus, with her team at Remver Consulting powered by high innovative leaders, she enables organizations to respond to emerging risk with an undying buoyancy.

Numerous companies that Remver Consulting has worked with had no idea about which servers were critical, let alone applications that were essential or of a high priority to the business areas (Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3). Now, if the clients face questions about what their organization would do if all of its systems went dark one day, all of them will answer that question with confidence. The era of writing long IT Disaster Recovery & Risk Management plans is gone. In other cases, companies implemented new continuity capabilities by allowing employees to bring their own devices like laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Still, they forgot to assess the new risk and threats to the organization to minimize disruption of business operations should the devices were compromised. Besides, how does somebody tell their employees that when they leave the company, their devices must be wiped-out? Shouldn’t the employees be aware of this policy before they agreed to utilize their tools? Thus, Remver Consulting unwaveringly helped these organizations deploy policies and procedures to mitigate reputational, legal, and financial risks.

Remver Consulting is a future-thinking firm, always being proactive by staying ahead of trends. “Only future-thinking firms like Remver Consulting can strategically customize cloud, cyber, and IT disaster recovery solutions for future-thinking businesses,” concludes Dr. Tatum.

Remver Consulting

Dallas, Texas

Dr. Claudia E. Tatum, CEO

REMVER Consulting is an IT Security, Risk, and Compliance firm. They help businesses Decrease Risk and Increase Resilience by reviewing and realigning their IT resilience program. They help businesses prepare against any future incidents that could have a catastrophic effect on their operations. REMVER's innovative solutions include End-to-End Cloud Strategy, Cloud Migration Services, and IT Roadmap creation to adapt to today's global challenges. REMVER also helps businesses design and implement comprehensive Pandemic, Business Continuity, Crisis Management, and IT Disaster Recovery Programs. Respond quickly and effectively to business disruptions with REMVER Consulting’s tailor-made solutions!

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