Rentsys Recovery Services: Robust Disaster Recovery Solutions Expert

Walt Thomasson, MD
Today, with the increasing number of cyber risks and unplanned incidents that threaten IT infrastructure, including processes and people, enterprises need to become more vigilant about developing a disaster recovery plan for smooth business continuity. Also, as organizations are more inclined to implement software as a service (SaaS) and cloud-based applications, the volume of data is rapidly growing. “Now, organizations are looking for innovative, cost-effective backup and recovery solutions to ensure that data is recoverable within the required recovery time objectives (RTOs) and recovery point objectives (RPOs),” says Walt Thomasson, Managing Director, Rentsys Recovery Services. Headquartered in College Station, TX, Rentsys’s aim is to build disaster recovery solutions that meet the needs of today’s businesses. The organization provides solutions such as disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) and business continuity planning. “We seamlessly integrate the company’s data, security and infrastructure, enabling overall business continuity,” he adds.

Rentsys’s DRaaS runs on a hybrid-infrastructure model that combines its on-site managed service, BlackVault Platform, with its private cloud infrastructure, BlackCloud. Data is vaulted in an on-premise platform and replicated to the secure cloud environment as needed. “Our solution not only lets organizations use the cloud for off-site vaulting but also offers the ability to recover data on-site,” states Thomasson. “With this model, we’re able to meet customer RTOs of anywhere from a few seconds to a couple hours, depending on the customer’s specific needs.”

The company’s Rentsy’s Continuity Manager (RCM) software—a business continuity planning solution—is designed to help organizations mitigate and manage all interruptions, and plan for disaster recovery situations. The software helps companies accommodate the business continuity planning process by allowing users to import data and gain a top-level view of the organization’s critical applications, departments, locations, and inter-dependencies. RCM features modules to assist with testing and real-time incident management. “It integrates with mass notification platforms to let organizations broadcast updates to employees and communicate with key team members,” says Thomasson.
Being a customer-centric organization, Rentsys believes in developing innovative solutions to solve clients’ issues. A great example is how the BlackVault Managed Recovery Platform was developed. A customer had to meet a service level agreement of less than 2 hours, along with stringent HIPAA HITECH compliance requirements, but the organization had a fixed budget and lacked the expertise to manage the requirement. “We built BlackVault Managed Recovery Platform and found that other customers were also looking for the same solution,” asserts Thomasson. Rentsys differentiates itself with its enterprise-class services and ability to provide individualized service to clients.

We seamlessly integrate the company’s data, security, and infrastructure, enabling overall business continuity

For instance, a Rentsys client that provides technology services to healthcare providers wanted a way to help its customers adhere to HIPAA guidelines for data security and business continuity. Upon implementing the BlackCloud vaulting and recovery solution, the client was able to reduce the risk of losing its customers’ vital patient healthcare records during an unexpected power outage or disruption. The company also augmented its on-site data center with Rentsys’s cloud services to speed up recovery of key data and IT systems, and increased its sales and market share.

Rentsys is partnered with Reynolds and Reynolds, which gives it access to enterprise-scale resources on an international level. This allows Rentsys to support a rigorous testing schedule and handle multiple disasters each year.

Moving forward, Rentsys aims to continue to keep its finger on the pulse of the industry and adapt its service offerings accordingly. “We will continue to scale through additional partnerships and strategic acquisitions,” concludes Thomasson.

Rentsys Recovery Services

College Station, TX

Walt Thomasson, MD

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