RepBox: More Than a CRM

David Fields, CEO
Though lucrative, a sales representative’s job is never easy, especially when they have to manage relationships between manufacturers, distributors, and end users. Organizing scores of activity reports, quotes, sales and commissions data for multiple manufacturers makes it tougher; specifically, when it comes to manufacturing sales representatives who typically follow multi-line rep business models. Moreover, because each manufacturer follows its own method of crediting sales and paying commissions, representatives have to invest a lot of time in systematically recording the diverse information. Identifying these challenges, Dallas-based RepBox is on a mission to deliver the right tools that enable sales representatives to manage their company much more efficiently and easily. This company is a growing data management solution provider for sales representatives in the manufacturing space. It provides a highly customizable solution that allows manufacturing sales representative companies to effectively tackle data management challenges ranging from sales tracking to commission management. The solution is a unique one in the market as it binds together the capabilities of a sales platform, CRM, and robust analytic tools.

RepBox sales platform is innovating how representatives organize business data, identify opportunities, track leads, manage accounts, contacts, quotes, reports, commissions, and much more. The platform gives users the total control of information and can integrate with a representative’s existing business solutions, as well as current business data. Being a cloud-based platform, RepBox gives users the freedom to coordinate and perform business functions anytime, anywhere. Moreover, rather than manually filing a client’s entire sales data for report creation, RepBox automatically generates reports, saving time and reducing workloads. David Fields, CEO of RepBox says,“It’s not just a self-reporting tool, but a sales-enablement tool for manufacturing representatives.” The platform also comes with scheduled reporting feature that sends automated sales reports to predefined email addresses at predefined times.

We’ve created a system that will fit our clients needs and scale with their business.Our goal is simple: to make our clients better at what they already do

“RepBox even works as a representative’s personal sales data search engine. It allows users to find the exact client information within our cloud platform,” adds Fields.

Other aspects that set RepBox apart are its easy-to-use dashboard, time-saving, and data consolidation ability which simplify business pipelines and document storage requirements. “Our goal is simple: to make our clients better at what they do. We’ve created a system that is able to fit our clients and scale with them. The last thing we wanted to do was attempt to fit our clients into a box or predetermined mold,” adds Fields. One of the key factors for the company’s success is its ability to speak a “customer’s language.”

Since opening its doors, RepBox has been a valued business management partner to an array of manufacturers and representatives. With a mission to lead the market, the company yearns to beat its own benchmarks by solving new and unique client challenges. The company is adopting machine learning to help users effortlessly mine valuable insights from their data is a step in that direction. As part of its expansion plans, RepBox is opening a new office at Austin this year. “For thenear future, our core focus is on growing the quality of our products and services. What I want is a bunch of ‘ninjas’ with magical skills to deliver outstanding solutions and customer experience,” concludes Fields.


Dallas, TX

David Fields, CEO

RepBox provides a highly customizable CRM platform that allows manufacturer sales representatives to organize and consolidate assets to manage business processes