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Oren Yogen, CEO and Co-Founder
With new innovations in the field of visual display, the world of sports entertainment has undergone huge changes. From 3D video recording to Ultra High Definition video formats, the vertical has seen significant growth. These advancements bring in new problems that traditional visual systems are incapable of handling—putting together quality replays over short commercial breaks and other challenges to provide innovative imaging tools. Replay Technologies, a broadcast and media company, aims to revolutionize the viewing experience with its free Dimension (freeD) technology. The firm recently launched its Generation 2 freeD system, that can produce images of game footage in just 30 seconds. “Replay Technologies facilitates a novel viewing experience unbound by the limitations of physical cameras and enhances storytelling and user immersion possibilities to a new level,” says Oren Yogen, CEO and Co-founder, Replay Technologies.

Replay Technologies places high-speed camera sensors at strategic spots in the stadium. The firm provides solutions through its two prominent offerings: Solo Freed System and Arena Freed System. Both the solutions have the ability to capture a moment in time—Static Replay—and create and tune cinematography in post-production—Dynamic Replay. The 3-Dimensional reconstruction technology gives accurate measurements of position, speed, and velocity of the objects in the processed scene. The data from the camera can flow through the fiber extenders up to 6 miles and the information is stored as a freeD database. Using Teledyne Dalsa Falcon 2 cameras that offer a resolution of 12 mega-pixels—equivalent to 4K technology—the images rendered are always sharp. The angles of all the cameras are synced to shoot at the same time to create a perfect Static Replay.

The Solo Freed System enables broadcasting at 720p resolution with 2K (4MP) resolution capture devices. This can cover up to 550 square feet with a 180-degree coverage area.
The firm’s other unique product, Arena System, is highly flexible and can be configured to suit a variety of events and capture continuous images to create a dynamic replay. With the use of the 5K input, the Arena System covers a wide 360 degree angle and is best used to explain the tactical plays. Arena’s use of wide shots helps to hover and transition from one side of the action to the other giving a dynamic replay of the scene. Replay Technologies typically mounts 28–36 cameras covering the entire arena. For the Generation 2 technology, the firm provides its clients with two experienced operators to help train teams on the control and use of the freeD systems. “FreeD instant replay system allows a unique 360-degree, real-time perspective of any sequence or athlete within many sports environments,” affirms Yogen.

FreeD instant replay system allows a unique 360-degree, real-time perspective of any sequence or athlete within many sports environments

Partnering with reputed companies like Samsung, Access Technologies, Thinklogical, and Intel, Replay Technologies provides cutting-edge freeD solutions that enhances the viewing experience. The freeD technology was showcased in 18 countries on the Sky Sports’ broadcast of the Union of European Football Association (UEFA) Champions League Finals in 2014.

For the future, Replay Technologies plans to devise freeD technology in a way that enables live streaming of images, while handing over the control to end-users. “We aim to offer the world complete freedom of play, and are ahead of the rest with our path-breaking technologies,” concludes Yogen.

Replay Technologies

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Oren Yogen, CEO and Co-Founder

Provider of freeD technology that enhances viewing experience in sports broadcasting.