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Dac Clark, CEO
Today, with the on-demand mentality created by technology and the large influx of retail orders, modern sales representatives are leveraging cutting edge tools to keep pace with sales operations. Simultaneously, to handle data in real time and conduct analytics, companies are now looking for advanced solutions to serve the marketplace better. With the growing competition, they have to provide a unified and intuitive platform to support tasks like inventory management, order tracking, and digital catalogue creation. RepSpark, an Irvine-based software firm, is leveraging mobility to utilize ERP data in Salesforce Automation tools that are built to meet the unique needs of the textile and apparel industry. “Using Total Order Life Cycle Management (TOLCM), we are able to extend the capability of ERP systems to provide a configurable and scalable platform that makes it simple for sales reps to plan, manage and grow their business and gain the competitive edge. RepSpark provides an end to end solution for forecasting, setting goals and targets, and finalizing these numbers at the start of a season digitally presenting the line with real-time ATS, placing orders, managing accounts and tracking goals throughout the selling season,” says Dac Clark, CEO, RepSpark. “We like to ask what would your business look like if every order came in error free and over goal?”

The TOLCM platform is equipped with a digital notepad and flexible catalogue features, and can be leveraged to serve information seamlessly during live presentations. In addition, it is designed to handle the entire aspect of sales order life cycle management. RepSpark’s next generation selling solution is able to remove the dependency that textile companies have on customer service departments with its in-built features for writing orders error-free using configurable validation tools to ensure the companies’ unique catalog segmentation, pricing and business logic is adhered to throughout the ordering process. When Stance, a firm that produces and sells socks via the RepSpark platform, faced difficulties in keeping pace with the growth of their client-base, they approached RepSpark to implement TOLCM to streamline sales operations. By leveraging the platform’s catalog creation tools, Stance was able to create customized catalogs with selected inventory items for their customers in a cost-effective manner.

What would your business look like if every order came in error free and over goal?

On implementing this solution, the sales team was able to streamline their operations and create concise and targeted catalogs for each of their clients.

In addition, users are able to also view accurate, actionable information through a robust reporting platform. With access to the entire book of business, users have insight into current and historical information to guide strategic order creation. “We offer tools to create extensive and functional reports, backed with analytics on sales data that are industry specific with relevant information to help in decision making,” says Clark. On the CRP front, RepSpark helps sales management teams to be more organized and offers a level of transparency to ensure managers are kept abreast of each individual sales representative’s work.

“Most existing tools do not work for the textile and apparel industry, and we are making a substantial investment to build a tool apt for the sales operations, business operations, and other tasks unique to the textile and apparel industry,” says Clark. The firm’s R&D team is also looking to expand on the existing platform to ensure appropriate actions are elegantly delivered to every device be it an ipad, Andriod, or watch.

For the future, RepSpark aims on being the gold standard for salesforce automation in the enterprise sector. The firm also plans on expanding their lighter version of the TOLCM platform for smaller businesses in the textile and apparel industry. “We gain clients by reaching-out to them on a regular basis and listening to their feedback and making the changes they need. This makes our system dynamic and helps us evolve over time,” concludes Clark.


Irvine, CA

Dac Clark, CEO

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